Wednesday, 6 May 2009

show your colours - rosy and pink

it's quite late already - the day for rose coloured items is nearly over and the pink is creeping up! so I'll put both of them together - with good reason. first of all many flowers have shades of both in one blossom - and also I'll skip the textile area here - as I said, I am not a "pastel" person and I don't have too many pinks either (one cone of extremely vivid pink cotton does come to mind - but I haven't done anything with it yet:))
so - flowers it is:
here are some of the masses of clematis flowers that cover an old iron gate at the back of our garden just now (in fact, all of the pix here show plants that flower right now!). I like the flowers - but I also like the fluffy seed heads they form later in the year!

those are apple blossoms - shortly before they open and turn into white - the tree is aptly named "everest" - though it could be called "avalanche" just as well! at this time of the year (if the rain will ever stop...) it turns into one white fluff of flowers and when the sun warms the air, bees and bumble bees are swarming around it.

this is an aquilegia that I grew from seeds just last spring. it was a mixture of colours and shapes and all of them turned out nicely. one small packet of seeds and at least 15 new plants for my garden:)

this is a - sedum? I am not sure, but it grows in my stone trough, stays very low and flowers for a long time in spring - with very cute flowers in everyting from nearly white to hot pink.

the next candidate is a good example for rosy and pink in one plant - a scented pelargonium - extremely tough, with nice flowers and a gorgeous scent! what else can one ask from a single plant? it survived outside all winter and is already growing and flowering away again.

this is one of my favourite plants - a camellia. unfortunately they tend to be attacked by vine weevils and I have to buy new plants every now and then:(( they seem to be extremely tasty - well, what can one expect from a relation of the tea plant?
so, this is it for two days - maybe I'll manage to put together the coat I am still knitting - that would be something I could show in grey - or maybe silver, if I stretch it a bit! I am not sure if I'll manage to attach the lower part to the top tonight - a lot of kitchener stitch, which is not exactly my favourite thing to do....


KayB said...

Oh... the camellia is absolutely gorgeous.

Woolly Bits said...

yep, it still is - until the next family of weevils moves in:(( until then I enjoy the last few flowers, but after 6 weeks of non-stop flowering it slowly comes to an end.... you never know, I might be lucky and able to save it until next year (thinking positive:))

Juliana said...

Hallo Bettina,
sehr schöne Blüten! Gruß Juliana