Tuesday, 5 May 2009

show your colours - dark red

as I said before - I don't have any red or dark red flowers out in the garden right now - but we do have quite a few trees and shrubs with red leaves! just as an example, the one below is a purple plum - which has quite dark leaves that go lighter after a while in the sun... which we don't have much of right now - so the leaves are still safe:)
unfortunately I don't have much in the way of dark red yarn either! though I like the red fibres I found in my stash - but they come from a colour sample bag by wollknoll in germany. only small amounts - and those didn't even turn out right in the picture. the red on top isn't as garish and the one to the left isn't as purple! but the weather is so bad outside, that there was no chance of taking nicer pix today:((

the one part of my stash, where I have quite a lot of red - is the bead stash! I don't usually collect huge amounts of materials, which I don't often use - but with beads I find that it is far easier to store a lot of choice and dig it out when needed. they don't take up much space and in my experience you rarely find the ones you want, if you do need them urgently!

tomorrow we are off to rosy and pink colours- which is far easier at least where flowers are concerned. the stash is a different matter - I am just not someone who wears rose colours and even pink is a rare colour for me! I'll see what I can find... if all else fails - I'll just show you a nice rosy piglet:)

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