Tuesday, 19 May 2009

show your colours - black

I used to knit in black quite a lot - but lately I prefer navy blue for garments for myself - and it's slightly easier on the eyes anyway (while knitting I mean:)). my last finished knitting project in black was a pair of socks - pitch black - but looks more like charcoal due to the flash! the pattern was very simple, but the yarn was mainly merino, some alpaka and silk - very soft, though I am not sure how hardwearing it will be!

of course there are simply no truly black flowers or plants available, even though many catalogues claim this! but our dog Timmy really is black - well, the main part anyway! she used to have a black face too, apart from the nose and a narrow stripe between the eyes - but she is an old lady by now (nearly 13) - no shame in going grey then.... she's still pretty fit though; chasing the postman's car or a visiting cat is not a problem yet!

and to finish the colour series (I won't go hunting for silver, gold and bronze - but I might put in a final show of colour for "bunt" = all colours together) - the contrast between black and light - a new day begins and the sun is finishing off darkness - at least for one day!
going on the hunt for the colour of the day was fun - and it made me look more closely on things all around me. I consider myself lucky for having quite a lot of space in the garden - and also for being able to do all the textile things I like so much!


KayB said...

Oh... the photo with the sunset is beautiful.
Yeah, you can count yourself lucky having a garden....sigh....

Guzzisue said...

you have done well with the colours, sure I would have given up after the first 2 or 3 :-)maybe now the challenge should be to spin in each colour hehe, hows the lace?

Woolly Bits said...

the lace is the same as before - but I just put the board on the table to work on it (good excuse, eh?:)) the challenge would be a good one - spin one yarn a day in each of the colours?:)) are you throwing a gauntlet here????