Sunday, 17 May 2009

show your colours - beige and brown

I don't think there are any beige flowers around - and not too many brown ones either! I know a few herbs that have brown flowers, but beige? anyway, I have something textile to show in beige and brown - a sweater that I made a while back. the only "condition" was something in natural dyes in brown tones. the main colour is dyed with tea, the rest are nz flax, cherry bark, walnut leaves, logwood and a few other plants that I don't remember offhand. the owner was very happy with it and I had to make a second one for a girlfriend! similar colours, different knitting pattern. it's knitted from lambswool, but not handspun.

the other brown "thing" comes from the garden - but it's not a flower:)) I've always had an interest in herbs - and eventually I asked my mother to make a herb witch out of clay for me. this is the result - riding her broomstick in the front garden - only, during summer the roses nearly cover it and just the hat is still visible. well, witches do like to operate hidden from the public eye, don't they?

the week is going to start with hectic - it's well past midnight, but I have to wait for my cake to finish. we got a rather late warning that we are going to have visitors - quite early tomorrow morning. too early to make a cake beforehand! off to the kitchen....


Janet said...

I like the witch!!

Woolly Bits said...

I've been told we're look-alikes! though I don't think my nose is quite as .... prominent?:)) and I never ever wear hats - and my ability to fly on brooms hasn't come out yet - might be nice instead of riding a bike! but I like her too - I am not a great fan of garden dwarfs or other ready made decos in the garden, but my witch is rather special to me!