Sunday, 3 May 2009

Show your colours - orange

this time I've turned it around - first the fibre colours, followed by garden colours. I dug out a few "oranges" from my stash - very different, but of course some people might argue that one is nearly red and the other one more yellow. the trouble with showing colours can be that they look different in a picture and in reality! I consistently have troubles with green yarns or fibres, esp. when the green goes into the olive-khaki range. I could of course fiddle around in photoshop, but I don't want to do that - it takes a lot of time and from magazine pictures I know that you can change mucky food pictures to enticing meals:))

those yarns are either wool, wool/silk or wool/angora - the balls in the middle are dyed with gaywool colours, the yellow skein on the right is the second bath from yellow cosmos - and the oranges on the left are dyed with red dahlia flowers (samples dyed by D. Fischer). the skein on top wasn't dyed by me - so I don't know what was involved....

this of course is one of my favourite oranges in the garden - the flowering berberis again. with the reddish leaves it really does look fiery - and the bees love it!

still a berberis - close up they look like little bells, when they aren't fully opened yet. the shrubs are in full bloom now - lots of orange fireballs dotted around the garden:)

with the late daffs the orange is cooled a lot by the white outer flower petals - the contrast makes them look like a fried egg sunny side up from afar!
there will come many more orange flowers later in the year - I think of coreopsis, cosmos sulphureus, tagetes, dahlias of course - and a very "hot" contestant - the huge canna flowers! maybe there is some truth in the saying that the colours turn hotter with the weather? but - no flowers without some help - off to the garden I go (pricking out seedlings - a terrible job = decision between life and death for all those tiny plants!)


madhatter said...

beautiful blossoms - thanks for sharing! :)

Janet said...

I'm really enjoying the "show your colours" blogs. Don't you just love Springtime - I do!

Woolly Bits said...

definitely, Janet - spring is my favourite time of the year. I am always keen on finding the first primroses and violets - a sure sign that winter is over:))