Monday, 25 May 2009

show your colours - the finishing line

the project is finished, but all participants are supposed to fill in a questionnaire, so here it goes:
1. Did you enjoy the project?
yes, I did, even though sometimes I found it difficult to find the photo(s) and finish a blog entry for each day (that's why I cheated a bit here and there and put one or two days into one...)

2. Have you been more aware of colours in your daily life?
I do see most of the colours in my garden or in my textile anyway - but I found it interesting to look at other people's photos to see what they came up with. it never occured to me to take pix of beige eggs etc.:))

3. Would you enjoy more projects like this, offered by himbeermarmelade.de?
yes, as long as the project doesn't run any longer - my concentration went a bit awry towards the end!

4. If you'd be able to think about other colours - would you keep going even though the project is finished?

I don't think I would enter other pix into this project - but I do upload different photos all the time anyway - of things I like, plants I see etc.

5. Which colour provided you with the highest number of ideas?
answering the other way round would be easier:)) I didn't put up any of the metal colours and not all that much in colours I really don't particularly like, such as beige and browns.... green of course is easy with plants - not so easy with my textiles as I don't wear them often and they aren't as easy to dye as the other colours....

6. Where did you read about the project?

I found the link on Kaybee's blog.

7. Which part of the project did you like least/what would you have done differently?
at first I didn't mind the daily entries - but after a week or so I realised that I felt kind of pressurized into doing entries. I wouldn't mind a very long project - say a whole year - but with only one entry a week (or even a month?:)). other than that it was fine.

8. Which part of the project did you like best?

browsing around other blogs to compare ideas! and finding some really unexpected entries...

9. Show your favourite photo and explain why you've chosen this.

hm, a favourite of my own? or one of the other blogs? I don't want to steal anyone's photo - but I did like the one on sew-mad's blog, where she is in several places in her room at once:))

my own would be this - and I like the mix of colours and the fine lines inside the flowers - and also the memories of the phantastic scent! even though it is a bit blurry....

10. which other topics for photo projects can you think of?
hmm, let's see: the 4 seasons would come to mind, or just certain periods of time, either in people's lives (early years etc.) or during the year (christmas etc.). photos of the area the participants live in - might be interesting to see this in different countries? like: show us the picture of your house, your favourite house, your library, your town park, your local church/cemetery etc. as long as I don't have to organize this:))
so this is really the last entry about "show your colours" - from now on it's going to be about wip, ufos and fos again - and all the other things I tend to "waste" my time on!

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Janet said...

Hello Bettina - I always like your blogs but this one in particular. I enjoyed following the colour days. I would have entered myself if I had known about it. Your ideas for other projects are good. Let us know if any of your ideas are adopted.