Monday, 18 May 2009

show your colours - grey

this grey slab is made from concrete - even though we made it ourselves, it looks pretty lifeless, even after many years of lying in the garden. it's in a corner, where we don't walk across it all that often, but still - lichen and moss don't seem interested to "live" here....

the stones in the walls all around us are just the opposite: there isn't a single one without either lichen or moss growing on it and in all the nooks and crannies there are slugs, beetles, spiders etc... a real habitat, even though most of its occupants stay invisible for most of the time!

this is a stand-in: I had planned to show my finished jacket/coat for the colour grey. unfortunately I still haven't finished. I attached both ribs along the front and neck - but I still didn't knit the i-cord at the bottom and the sleeves.... going to try to change this tonight - I'll show the picture as soon as the knitting is finished. for my sake esp. - as by now I am utterly bored by the project and want to start something else! for now though the yarn has to do for my textile "grey".... tomorrow it's black's turn - very difficult to take pictures of this colour!


Helen said...

I have been really enjoying the colours in both the garden and in textiles-even the beige!Not my favourite colour.

Woolly Bits said...

not mine either - I don't think I have a single beige garment:)) and beige as a dye result is usually overdyed pretty quickly, if it wasn't planned for a certain project at least.