Monday, 4 May 2009

Show your colours - red

red wasn't a colour I could find easily outside today - grey would have been easier as it was drizzly and muggy all day! luckily my stash contained a few reds. the picture above shows some wools I dyed with brazilwood on alum - the round bag in the background is made from the same yarn, but felted afterwards (and embroidered).
the pix below shows some bought wool fibres I use for felting - with the flash the upper strong red could be called orange, too!

this was the only remotely red bit I found in the garden (yesterday!) - an old leaf, still hanging on the shrub from last year...

but when I made my lunch it occured to me that the obvious choice for red would be - tomatoes of course! hmm, delicious - dark rye bread with sour cream, tomatoes and fresh cress - yummeeh!


KayB said...

Yummi, indeed :-)

Helen said...

fabulous colours! Really lifted my spirits on such a cold grey day