Saturday, 9 May 2009

show your colours - purple

I am late, but I didn't make the "purple" yesterday:(( funny - because it's my favourite colour! I like the dark purples and aubergines most of all - not so much the light lavender tones and pastels. and I do have quite a lot of purple garments, even though most of them are commercially made! don't know why - the only aubergine sweater I ever knitted, was done with dark purple chenille. my sister fell for it big time - and eventually I sent it to her, which must have been a mistake, because she hasn't said "thank you" for it once:(( and of course I didn't take a picture of it either!

so this is one purple hand-made item. I made the bag for our last "secret santa" at the Connacht Textile Crafters. I think the recipient was quite happy with it - at least judging by the ahs and ohs I overheard:)) the yarn is kilcarra tweed, which I knitfelted and later embroidered with threads from Oliver Twists. the small insert for the mobile phone is detachable and can be used without the strap, too.
of course I like purple in flowers as well - here a few examples:

a gloxinia with a very dark purple center - another victim of the dreaded vine weevil:(

the very dark purple buddleia "black knight" - I especially like the contrast of the dark flowers with the orange center! it can be used for dyeing - resulting in a rather acidic yellow!

this is another aquilegia, a. atrata - quite a large variety - and the flowers dye!

this is a small viola, black molly, which happily self-seeds all over my garden and pots, which is a good thing as the flowers can be picked for dyeing - they give anything between a smokey blue to a minty green, which I really like! a pity, that the flowers are so small, but they freeze well and they do flower from spring to autumn, so plenty to pick, if you can bear it!
so, this is purple - light blue will follow later! right now I have to take my chance outside as the sun has come out and the garden is calling (more like screaming!)....

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