Sunday, 19 December 2010

exchange of scarves

we have had another christmas exchange in the Online Guild - this time it was scarves. I made my exchange item (can this be called a "scarf"?:)) out of corriedale and alpaka, a two-ply yarn in blues and pink and grey as "background" - as the recipient said that those were her favourites:

the collar part is knitted - the rest is done in crochet. this is actually the first model I made, the black one was the second, as I liked it and wanted one for myself.... you can roll the collar up or keep it down, fix it with the "button" (a crochet ball) or use a brooch etc. to fix it higher up.  
and this is what I received from my exchange partner - a lace scarf, made from a handspun blend of silk and merino. very soft and nice to wear - and the colours go with most of my wardrobe!

this is a detail of the lace pattern, circles, surrounded by "holes":)) it's not too heavy to wear, but still warm and soft! I don't like giant rolls of material around my neck - this is just slim enough to not make me feel choked!

of course I am still working on the advent KAL in lace - but by now it is so long that it's hard to show photos. it's not long now until all 24 patterns are finished - so I'll show the photo once I have done the last one - plus blocking of course. I think I will keep this one, too - as the cashmere is soft and warm, and I had planned to use some of the patterns used for some other knitting anyway.


Delighted Hands said...

Great knitting/crocheting/designing on the collar for the exchange-beautiful work. The scarf you rec'd is very pretty, too, you will enjoy wearing it!

Woolly Bits said...

Cindy - I already did! it's just too cold to go out without hat/scarf/gloves right now and that's saying something, because I hardly ever wear a hat!!!
ps. the design of the collar wasn't mine - the pattern is from interweave crochet:))

Leigh said...

I absolutely love those collars. One of these days I'll make one for myself. And the blue and the lace scarf is lovely!