Sunday, 26 December 2010

end of year = new books arrive

ever since I remember christmas - I remember receiving books. I love books of all kinds and I still receive them as presents. nowadays I tend to gift new books to myself as well - I exchange received money presents for them, mostly craft books:)) this year is no different - those are my newest ones:
these are no. 3 and 4 of B. Walker's pattern series - I received no. 1 and 2 two years ago for christmas. I also received another subscription for Wild Fibres, which I am looking forward to again, very interesting! 
those are two of the same publisher, useful designs, some basic ones, and some a bit more daring:))
this is all about christmas decoration - I know, it's too late for this year, but then being "after christmas" is also being before christmas, isn't it?:)) I like the designs a lot, most are quite simple to make, but rather pretty and not too kitschy...

I meant to buy this one some time ago, but couldn't find it at the K&S, but I am glad I bought it, because I really like the block designs in this style. I had a hard time deciding between one of Susan Briscoe's sashiko designs and this one, but I decided to get this one first, because I have two or three other sashiko books already. (sorry for the blurry pic, but of course you can find it at amazon)

 this is the only one in german, it's about making your own foody presents and it is full of lovely recipes, mostly simple to make, but effective.

this sock book has originally been published in german, but is offered now in english by interweave. lots of interesting sock patterns and designs, not too outlandish, all wearable, but still interesting to knit.

those two are a result of falling in love with tea cosies - I bought the really wild ones at the K&S - but couldn't resist the other book when I saw it again on amazon! the designs are mad fun - and I am sure I will make some more, though not necessarily following exactly the shown designs. if you're looking for gift ideas for those, who have everything else - I am sure they'll be surprised to find one of those tea cosies:))

this one has really taken some time to get my hands on. I wanted to buy it since autumn, but both times I went into the book shop in Castlebar, the book wasn't available. I am going to finish the one I am reading just now - and then it's the third in the Celine Kiernan series - which I am looking forward to a lot! ok, it's meant to be a teenager read - but I liked the first two of the series, so I am quite sure I'll like the finish of the story! 
I also received a useful craft present - new embroidery scissors plus a "garage" for them. good thing, too, because my old pair is quite blunt (someone male used it for something other than cutting threads and fabrics:(() and the second pair is really tiny and difficult to grip!

and more books - this time two german novels... 

I am well equipped for the days between christmas and the new year - but I'll also finish my advent KAL and my last gift project - which I show you later this week! of course it's not all fun and games here - I had to make more bird cakes today as the beasties have been so ravenous and the shops were raided:(( I melted some fat and added seeds, chopped nuts, raisins, oatflakes etc. and voila - new fatty food for the dozens of visitors outside. I hope they'll like my homemade stuff - it's great fun to watch them from the living room window, though sometimes I'd like to be able to shoo away just the big bullies! and I wonder how our seating area will look in the spring - full of sprounting bird seeds probably:))


Ash said...

Hi Bettina, a lady very much after my own heart!!! I can never have enough books - love the look of the knitting patterns, would it be as easy as to click on amazon to find them? I too try to keep up with the garden birds - luckily I got a seed order in despite the rush but I too have done the homemade mix when things get a little short!. No thaw here just yet though it is a little warmer - we reached 1 degree yesterday. Waiting to see if the forecasters are right about a new snowfall tomorrow, still have to see family in west Yorkshire. Wishing you and yours all the best for 2011.

Delighted Hands said...

I love books, too-the sock book and the tea cosies are really interesting looking! Enjoy!

Woolly Bits said...

Ash - you mean the yellow and green - from Barbara Walker? yes, you can find them on amazon uk, but I thought the prices given were extreme? I got mine from a german source here:

you can contact the owner of the site in english by email, no problem. I know that the books aren't "cheap", but they won't go out of fashion, as they only show knitting patterns, but not projects. a good investment for a knitter!all the rest is easily available from amazon...