Saturday, 4 December 2010

a bit of progress

no, we didn't get rid of the snow yet - in fact it became even worse last night, when temperatures stayed very slightly above zero C for a while - and it started to rain onto the frozen ground:(( my plan to walk to town this morning failed, because now everything is covered by a thin layer of ice. well, the best plans... we'll see how it looks next week.

instead of walking into town I finished my next bit on the christmas scarf KAL:
it's too long to fit my A 4 blocking mat, so the lower edge is out of the picture already. it knits up nicely and I am happy I did start, even though I am not sure that I'll always have the time to finish the next clue. I am rather bold and just add the separating bits before I receive the next clue, but it's not set in stone anyway:))
I like the patterns so far, even though the piece isn't properly blocked of course, so everything still looks a bit crumpled up.

I saw some pix on ravelry, where people added more beads (I only have them in one row of the spacer section) - but I counted mine from the stash and I am just above the required number - and don't want to buy any new bits for this project. so I'll leave it at this.
the last pattern so far was the most interesting one - it looks a bit like flat cables, but is just lace of course.

I am also working on several other projects for christmas, but can't show progress on them just now - in case the recipient reads my blog. so off I go, some housework might be in order and I also want to bake my poppy seed stollen, otherwise we'll even miss it on the 2nd advent sunday!


Delighted Hands said...

Great knitting on the shawl-how wide is it? Enjoy your day!

Woolly Bits said...

thanks Cindy - and I just measured; the scarf is 37 cm wide unstretched - but with blocking this will be a good bit more.....I am using fairly fine lace yarn, but I saw several people using sock yarn or even thicker stuff.

Leigh said...

I'd say that's more than a bit of progress! So pretty. I never do seem to get along with lace knitting or open work though.