Sunday, 6 June 2010

two colours in one day - purple

and because this is the last day for purple - here is my favourite colour - not lilac or reddish purple;  I prefer the darker tones, aubergine esp.
a few years back a friend of mine gave me a scarf made from several different fabrics, silk, velvet and others, in tones of purple and a dark gold with purplish undertones. I like how it feels and I like the colours - it's just that I barely ever wear scarves and if I do, it's usually a Moebius scarf, because they stay fixed without slipping and adjusting! I pushed the scarf around in my closet for some time until I decided that it's silly to leave it without using it. when I told my friend about my plan, I had the feeling that she was a bit upset, but I don't see the point in having something flying around in my closet without using it, when I could make something out of it that I would wear. my plan is to cut the long scarf into two parts and use them to make a sleeveless vest from the fabric together with some lovely dark purple yarns I still have in my stash. and maybe my friend isn't miffed anymore, when she actually sees me using her gift?


Delighted Hands said...

Go for it-I much prefer using and lovin' something instead of just owning it. This yarn is incredibly beautiful.

Leigh said...

I think purple is the only color I like in any hue. I'm sure you're friend will be delighted to see you wearing the scarf!