Wednesday, 9 June 2010

40 - or more - shades of green!

this week's colour is light green - which isn't too difficult to find right now. outside at least, where all the fresh greens are still sprouting (everything is quite late this year). inside light green isn't all that common - but I did find some light greens (they are lighter than in the photo) in my yarn bag. I blended those colours as part of a workshop by the OLG some time back - and I started to use them in a tapestry weaving. the aim was to use a photo of choice as inspiration and use only the basic colours plus white and black to blend a choice of colours from the picture. I do like the results a lot, because the colours are heathery and lively - and I will do the same again in larger amounts for a garment - given enough time!
not sure if the watering can counts as light green, but I use it to keep all my greens alive:)) the gunnera leaf in the upper left hand corner is interesting, because the fresh leaves have a reddish edge, which looks like a frilly border on a shawl. the plums are still small, but I do hope that some will ripen (most of them dropped off the tree last year and we had only a few to pick). my favourite "green" is the small one in the middle - several light greens, all in one small planter. scented violets, a columbine and roseroot (Rhodiola rosea), which peaks out from the larger leaves.
so this week I am well in time - next week's colour is orange, not my favourite colour for fibres and yarn, but surely well presented in the garden.....


Delighted Hands said...

I would love a poster of the collage you have made for the light green-just beautiful!

Janet said...

My favourite colour. Great photos.