Tuesday, 15 June 2010

orange this week.....

we had brilliant sunshine today, not really great for taking photos, but I took those on the left some time ago anyway. I can't resist the berberis flowers in spring - they are so lively and bright that even grey days seem lighter! the funny "egg yolk" on the left isn't one - it's the dyebath I prepared with saffron some time ago. it resulted in a nice soft golden yellow on silk and on wool - and it still smells lovely (my last dye results all smelled nice - the good thing when dyeing with spices etc.!)
the yarns on the upper left side are dyed with dahlia flowers (some pure, some blended). I don't know what was used on the silk skein in the middle - it was a gift from a "fibre" friend, together with several grey tones and one mainly grey skein with some darker orange parts. and the last bit in the lower right corner - isn't in use right now; it's my rain cape for the bike! high visibility has to beat fashion, even though I feel like a beacon on a bike, when wearing it:))

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Delighted Hands said...

Orange just smiles away......great pictures!