Tuesday, 15 June 2010

books, books, books

I bought a few new books lately. this one has lots of patterns for "home improval", pillows, blankets etc. different styles, everything from frilly to modern and because I liked the preview in "knitter's", I decided to buy it. I've been asked many times why I make so many things just to give them to others, while I don't have many handmade items in my own house. true enough, it's just that with a 12 year old, 2 dogs and a cat most textile decorations seem a rather futile effort. on the other hand there's no excuse really to use potholders that fall apart or ugly dishcloths with holes in them. so - the plan is to use some of the patterns to change this asap (not that there are any potholder patterns in this book....) 

the book about brioche knitting was another new addition. I used to knit brioche patterns a lot, but haven't done any in the last few years. when I saw the preview on knitpicks, I decided that I'd like this book. it contains a lot of patterns of course, but even more interesting are the explanations about different brioche patterns and the details e.g. with increases, decreases etc. very useful, I think - I am glad that I bought it.

the last new knitting book is a gift I received a little while back. I already have the first book of Homespun Handknit and I liked the previews of the 2nd one, so when I was asked, which book I'd like - this one was on the list (ok, there were two others on it as well, but those weren't available yet:)).

then there are the spinning books - I ogled those two for some time before I bought them, but I heard lots of good things about them - and like them both. they are quite different in style and concentrate on different aspects in handspinning, but I find they cover a lot of ground, even if you're not new to handspinning. if they'd been available at the time, I'd have gone for those two and left the amos "bible" on the shelf.... (anyone looking for this one?)

the last one (I know, I buy books in larger doses - but I resist for a long time before I grab what I can:)) is very different - a book about canvas embroidery. I knit and spin all the time, but sometimes I like to do something different such as bobbin lace (ahem, 3 books about bobbin lace are still on their way:)) there goes the last of my birthday money....) or embroidery. every now and then I like doing "no brainers" (not to be misunderstood - I don't think people who do cross stitch are brainless - it's just my expression for following a bought pattern!) - but sometimes I do my own, using handdyed and/or handspun threads etc. this book is certainly inspirational for the latter - there are no finished patterns to follow, but lots of ideas and advice about techniques and also some finished projects to drool over!  
this is it for now - where books are concerned at least. there are so many books still on my WANTED list - but I have to be reasonable, I know. it's not only due to lack of funds - available space is nonexistent as well by now:(( good thing that I borrow most novels etc. from the local libray - with the amount of books I go through - I'd have to own a 20 room villa to store them all!


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, you have been gifted a library! Books are such lovely gifts. I did finally order the Wildfibers Mag-should have the first copy soon! Now you have some books here to add to the wish list!

Schnusel said...

hehe, irgendwie erinnert mich dieser post an die zeit, als wir damals öfters zusammen in die essener bücherei gefahren sind und du den abtransport deiner schätze mit mühe und not schleppen konntest. du hast sie doch sogar immer katalogisiert und vorm zurückbringen ausgestrichen, ob du auch wirklich alle dabei hast :)ich denk gern daran zurück.

Woolly Bits said...

Cindy - I received the summer one a few days ago - and can only recommend it (again:)). and the project is lovely, too! I'm glad I have that subscription.

Sandra, du wirst lachen, aber ich machs in der buecherei hier immer noch genauso (allerdings jubel ich sie Michael zum tragen unter, wenns viele sind:)). leider haben sie nur alten kram, wenns um textile hobbies geht - daher muss ich jetzt amazon bemuehen! teurer, aber dafuer muss ich auch nicht mehr buch fuehren - ueber meine buecher:))

Leigh said...

Excellent plan, I should do the same except knit dish clothes because all of mine are those ratty holey kind! And hey, that might be a good excuse to buy some more knitting books. :)

Woolly Bits said...

Leigh - I don't want to disappoint you, there isn't a single dishcloth pattern in any of those books I mentioned:)) but I browsed the internet and there are some fun cloths patterns around! I can use all those cotton leftovers to make a hole range.....

Benita said...

The Intentional Spinner is a wonderful book. I bought it as soon as it came out. I usually let the fiber spin into the kind of yarn it wants to be, so now it is time to make it what I want it to be. As Judith says "You are in control of your yarn." I've taken two classes by her in the past, and I will take more in the future.