Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Let the madness begin!!

I am at it again - no plant around the house, garden and general area is safe from me - and my dyepot! I really wanted to cut some blackthorn branches for the bark, but then I saw those little yellow flowers of Bird's foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) - and had to pick some. the colour on wool/alum is a strong yellow, really nice. then there were the tiny, nearly black flowers of viola cornuta, which is on a rampage in the veggie plot, but looks so pretty that I just leave it growing. wool/alum again - and a nice blueish-grey with a slight greenish tint. the dark blue iris flowers gave a nice minty green - and the highlight of the madness so far: aquilegia atrata, very dark reddish-purple flowers, give a lovely denim blue! and there is so much colour in the flowers that I put another piece of teeswater top (alum) into it - and it's nearly the same blue with a slight hint of lavender in it! I have to keep some of the flowerheads to set seeds - I definitely want more of those flowers for next year:))

no spinning and not much knitting going on, I half finished the second part of the lace pillow - but we are painting porch and glasshouse incl. window frames and doors and I cannot get into my room, because we had to put all the stuff somewhere:(( I can still see my spinning wheel - but just barely:((

right, back to the dye pot again - hopefully with some more nice results! pictures to follow soon...

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Leigh said...

Yes! Pictures! We want pictures!