Friday, 1 June 2007

Pictures ready

Today I picked up my pictures, the baby cardie is ready - see picture. most of the pix where for the OLG dye workshop in june, plants etc... the most exciting discovery is still the blue from Granny's bonnet, Aquilegia, and I hope it sets loads of seeds so that I can put out some more plants for picking next year!

I also finished the second part of the pillow, but I still have to block it! I have been good and didn't knit or spin a lot in the last few days, but I think I better get going soon or my bag full of dyed teeswater will shortly explode:) mostly yellows, but the barks look nice too, light browns or beige, which go well together. watch this space, I'll put up small pictures of different dyes in the next few days. and the dye pot still keeps going...

then there's the garden - I wonder if the company who produces plastic pots makes a fortune - or the garden centre maybe? jeeh, they have been going up in their prices! what's a girl to do - we raided the pound (euro?) shop and bought all the black buckets they had..... larger and much cheaper! I also bought a few plants for the hanging baskets, I don't think I've ever been so late in planting everything up - it's the first of june and it still looks bare and dreary!


Janet said...

That baby sweater is marvelous. Is it from your handdyed handspun collection?

Bettina said...

Janet, it's handdyed and handspun - but not dyed with plants. I used gaywool dyes from derryaun crafts because I wanted the blues esp. - without time for doing an indigo vat! otherwise the baby would be a toddler before the cardie arrived:))

Leigh said...

The cardie is lovely! I love it!

Juliana said...

Oh, der sieht schön aus. Hast du die Fäden verwebt beim Stricken?
Akelei-Färbung: hast du es schon probiert? Gruß Juliana
- hier ist es wieder drückend, kein Regen -

Bettina said...

Ich hab einfach nur fairisle gestrickt, ganz normal faeden auf dem finger verkreuzt und gestrickt. die abstaende sind ja nicht gross, das ging sehr gut. mehr als 5 maschen abstand sind bei babypullis dann nicht so gut, weil die finger sich schnell verfangen.
und ja, das blau im bild ist von meiner lila akeleibluete!