Saturday, 1 May 2010

it's may already????

incredible - who stole my days? how can it be may already? it seems to be only a few days ago that we had ice on the roads and no leaves on the trees - and wooosh, now it's may, everything is green again - and I have heaps to do in the garden!! is there someone, who steals time away from me - to give it to someone else maybe? well, if so - give it back to me - and pronto!!!
the weather has been rather wet or at least showery the last few days, so I managed to finish bits and pieces. here is another pair of slouchies - for which I used up the leftover of the handdyed sock yarn from the Yggdrasil socks. I added one more pattern sequence to make the leg a bit longer - and no, they are not short and wide, they are size 42 and fit snuggly - but the pattern makes the foot shrink, when not actually worn.
comfy, but I won't wear them yet - I need a few sample patterns for the sock workshop in september! don't want people having to handle "used" socks:))

I also finished the main part of the 3coloured vest in silk/wool blend - but I still have to knit the ribs around the arm openings and the middle/neck. nearly done though - and it looks as if it fits (slightly too short and a bit too wide on DH means that it should fit the recipient:))
and here is a better pic from the small bag and stitch markers I received together with the "poison no. 5" wollmeise sock yarn. they work very well in the knitting, they don't get stuck in the stitches and aren't too long or too heavy. (sorry for the blurry photos, I seem to be having problems with the focus lately:(() I also made 3 of those small bags as weights - if I finish the rest until tomorrow - it might be just in time; we are promised better (but cooler) weather next week!
of course I had to finger the surprise yarn and thought about suitable patterns. maybe it's a bit batty, but somehow I thought I should find one that fits the name of the yarn:)) I looked through a few pattern books and stumbled across this one in one of the Walker pattern books:
Faun's eyes - and don't they look a tiny bit evil?:)) I am not sure this will be visible in the dark parts of the yarn - but I'll give it a try anyway! if it's no good I might try (poison) arrows....


Delighted Hands said...

This pair of socks looks so cushy, comfy-nice job!

Leigh said...

Whoever stole your days must have been the culprit who took mine too!

Comfy looking socks and great looking stitch markers.

Laura said...

Es ist wieder so weit. "Farbe bekennen" geht in die nächste Runde. Da du das letzte Mal mitgemacht hast, hast du vielleicht dieses Jahr wieder Lust? Es gibt mehr Farben und es geht länger als zuvor. Außerdem ist es jetzt nicht mehr täglich, sondern wöchtenlich. Meld dich einfach hier an: http://himbeermarmelade.de/farbe.php

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du wieder mitmachen würdest :)

Liebe Grüße Laura