Tuesday, 27 April 2010

surprise, surprise!

at the beginning of last week mail income was slow - probably due to the flight disruption caused by the volcano eruption in iceland. but it looks like being back to normal - and the highlight today was a surprise parcel from Germany! I saw a blog entry recently with lovely "wollmeise" yarn - just my colours. the comment that this should be mine and not the blog owners to knit - was meant as a joke (really!:)).... but this arrived in the post today:

not only one hank of wollmeise "poison" (another kind of poison, won't go with my green, I suppose?) - but also several things in my favourite colour purple/lilac. one handmade bag, purple inside and newspaper fabric in different languages on the outside - just right for storing socks in progress.... also one small knitted p0uch - which contained 5 lovely stitch markers (you can only see the one here in front - because its siblings are already hard at work:)) - and, DS's favourite - a "ruler", foldable, also usable as a key ring - with the writing "real women knit socks":)) yep, I agree - or so they should! thanks, Kristin - that's a real surprise - but maybe I should keep my big mouth shut in the future?:))
of course now I have to think about a suitable project for my very first "wollmeise" yarn. it's 150 g - too much really for socks! it's pure wool and soft - so my thinking goes towards a lace scarf..... I just need a suitable lace pattern that goes with "poison":)) darts maybe???
one other idea came to mind, when I saw the little pouch! I bought a table cloth for my garden table, but it's often quite windy over here, so I need something to hold it in place. I don't like those metal "springs" all that much, but I do have small clips with rings, to hang up curtains etc. if I knitted 4 or better still, 6 little pouches, filled them with gravel or something else with enough weight - I could use them for holding down the cloth - and use up leftover sockwool at the same time:)) yep, sounds like a plan - esp. as it is raining right now (and probably on and off for the rest of the week!) - I might manage the pouches before the sun comes back!
I also received the black rocailles beads yesterday - I finished my "tea embroidery" a few days ago, but had to wait to "dot the i's" with the beads. once I find a suitable fabric as background and "frame" - I can hang up another finished project!


Guzzisue said...

what lovely colours, lucky you :-) ps I now have two spinning wheels, I'm such a bad girl !!

Theresa said...

Oh what a wonderful surprise. Such a good idea about pouch weights for a table cloth too. Poison dart lace...can't wait to see what you come up with.

Delighted Hands said...

You will do wonders with this yarn-so happy for you!