Tuesday, 30 March 2010

winter and spring

no, this is not a complaint about the weather again - though we've had rain all day yesterday and early today. and the forecast is for wintry showers and cold from tomorrow onwards! but I doubt that it will last very long at this time of the year - and we usually have a cold spell in spring anyway.
I did however manage to spin two batches of my "4 seasons" batts, winter and spring.
winter is a blend of NZ lambswool and baby alpaca top, with some white angelina and a bit of trilobal nylon for sparkle. I spun it a bit nobbly and plied it with a fine handspun viscose thread. fluffy white clouds with a bit of glitz = winter:))
spring is a blend of three naturally dyed lambswool tops, bright yellow, some light green and a bit of salmon. no glitz here, but I added yellow and green silk top for a bit of sheen. the yarn is a 2ply, soft and squishy and I like it - though I have no idea what to use it for - yet. I'll spin up summer (blue) and autumn (leafy colours) first....
I also had the weird urge to knit-felt egg warmers for easter! I own three, one for each of us, but they are embroidered and at least 13 or 14 years old - time for something new on the easter table! I have to admit that I don't normally use egg warmers. when we do eat boiled eggs, they are gone before they have a chance to cool off too much:) they are more decoration than anything.... dito for tea cozies - we usually drink from mugs, freshly made - and if I do use a teapot, I use a "stoevchen" (yes, like a small stove - a brass gadget with tea light inside) for keeping the tea warm! but the plan was to make more for my own home this year - instead of giving everything away - so eggwarmers it is! I took a pic, but I have to felt it all first. I'll show "before-after" pix later... I also crocheted a small square "doily" in matching colours for the egg basket, which will also serve as a comparison to how different knit-felt and crochet-felt behave.


Theresa said...

Beautiful yarns. Can't even pick a favorite I like them so much. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

The skeins are excellent-I especially like the golden one-bits of green in it really sings Spring!

Janet said...

Hi Bettina - looking forward to your before and after photos. If you can't find a use for anything yellow and green - think of me - I would buy it. I'm still using the various bits you sent me a while ago - I'll post more pictures soon showing the latest incorporation of your lovely handdyed/handspun.
You asked about Slinki the cat's travel plans. I replied on the blog but I'm not sure whether you were notified. The answer is that transporting a cat from Dublin to Seattle does not make sense financially when the cat will be much happier staying in Dublin and just moving next door to be with her friend Charlie.

Eliane Zimmermann said...

ach, ich liebe auch die irischen teacozies doch wir trinken den tee auch aus pötten und nur frisch und wenig so dass diese süßen utensilien keine verwendung bei uns hätten! happy easter (heut früh war der wasserpott vom hund zugefroren, na sowas!) eliane aus dem südwesten