Saturday, 6 March 2010

artificial spring

I finally managed to finish the second slouch sock, which took a bit of time, because I am working on the vest at the same time - which I should really finish first! but sometimes knitting with 3 colours is too complicated, when I only check the news or watch something short. I did make up for it tonight, when I watched a german film on tv.... in the photo you can see how the knitting pattern on the leg pulls together - it slouches:)) very comfortable, at least in birkenstocks! I am sure I'll knit this pattern again - but right now I want to knit a different one - I have to do my monthly hp design - and haven't had a bright idea yet.
and yesterday I couldn't resist and bought some ivy, some early daffs (in a pot, the small yellow ones...) and pot with double-blossomed snowdrops. they look so cute, like tiny green and white petticoats:)) I have quite a lot of normal ones, but I'll plant those together with the primulas in my windowbox - where I have their pretty flowers at eye level for some time! I do have to carry the box in each night - because it's still rather frosty and I worry about the primulas!
and this is a photo of "the cat who ate the cream"! we had apple crumble with a bit of leftover whipped cream - and all of a sudden the cat decided to make sure to get her fair share! she jumped on the table and stuck her face right into Michael's bowl - and we had to laugh about it so much, that we "forgot" to shoo her down:)) it wasn't much, but she was very happy and content with her victory afterwards.... that cat is a bit of a free spirit. she comes and goes as she pleases - she moved in at the end of last year, exactly on the day when our dog was hit by a car and had to be put down. we asked around for some time, but nobody seemed to miss her - so I suppose she is our cat now:)) she adopted us as tin openers! you should hear the racket she makes, when she wants food in the morning! Miss Schindler is always hungry, but in the morning she is so noisy that you could think she's close to starving!


Janet said...

Sad about your dog. Lovable cat!

Delighted Hands said...

Great post-love the new socks-great choice of yarn/pattern. The flowers are so pretty-the ivy really sets them off! As for the starving morning kitty-it is the panic of remembered hunger-I share my whipped cream , too!

Anonymous said...

I love that little cat! Sounds like our Lucifer - he sings under our window in the morning until we get up and feed him! Sorry to hear about the dog though!
Nice socks, might try that pattern.
Bettina (from Wales)

Leigh said...

Congratulations on being adopted by that cat! Love the photo of her. I think the free-spiritedness of cats is something one either loves or hates.

Artificial or not, I think everyone in the northern hemisphere is about ready for some of that beautiful spring color! The cheerfulness of yours is a treat.