Thursday, 18 March 2010

invasion of species.....

we're being invaded - again! the cat Miss Schindler has moved in more or less permanently, though she still runs off for a day or so every now and then. and a few days ago DS went for a bicycle drive around the village - and came back with two small dogs in tow! now, I really love dogs, but I already have two, who more or less managed to get used to the cat invasion - but they weren't all that happy about two more dogs! I definitely don't want two more dogs, not even such small ones. it's not lack of space and by now the older ladies have more or less given up their complaints, but dogs need vets etc. too and that can be costly over time! we went through our village and the next, but the poor things don't belong to anybody there (that's what they claim at least, but I've never seen them around before either). the only way now is to contact the local radio and put a few signs up in the library shops etc. I have a feeling that they were "inside" dogs, they are house-trained, used to sofa and chairs etc. and they are very well behaved. so my guess is that someone just didn't want them anymore, maybe the owner died and the family didn't want the poor dogs:(( they probably drove somewhere and just "dumped" them here:((

and they are really cute, even though I don't usually like small dogs so much. the brown one is a very lively, funny male, the lighter one with pointy ears is a female, a bit shy and very quiet, but she loves being cuddled and would like to be on someone's lap all the time:)) that's the problem: not getting used to the two cuties:)) of course the men in the house already caved in - so I have to be the voice of reason here! two lovely dogs anybody????
Edit: I was wrong this time - they ran away from their owner, when out in the bog! we gave a note about them to the reg. radio - and 5 min. later the phone rang - the owner, a young guy, who was desperately searching for them! he jumped in his car immediately - and shortly afterwards the phone rang again for the two dogs. luckily not another "maybe" owner, just the father of this one, who heard the message on the radio:)) a few minutes later two happy dogs flew into their master's arms - they nearly wagged their little tails off, when they saw him. no doubt he really was the owner (there are warnings over here that people who "steal" dogs for research labs drive around and we wanted to make sure!) DS was very sad, when he came home, he'd have loved for us to keep them. happy reunion was what we had hoped for - and our own dogs happily reclaimed their sofa minutes later:))


Delighted Hands said...

Ha, I sympathize! We have tons of stray cats here and my husband wants to invite them all in-No Way! Dogs would not even be suggested-but these guys are cuties!

Leigh said...

This is really a shame. They look like such sweet dogs, but how irresponsible to just dump them. Bettina I hope you find good homes for them.

Janet said...

I'm so pleased your tale has a happy ending, at least for some. Disappointing for your son but the dogs have gone to their rightful home. I'm hoping a stray cat will appear on my doorstep - otherwise I am going to the Cats Protection Society or whatever it's called here. I'm not ready for the care of a dog yet - too much steady work - I'll just admire everyone else's dog.