Friday, 12 February 2010

woolly witch?

we did have some lovely sunny days recently - but the nights are still frosty. my witch was covered in hoar frost as was the fence and the gate early this morning. the sun burnt it away quickly though - and now we're waiting.... waiting for some more snow to come! nothing too bad I hope - I am in the mood for spring now (who isn't?:)) and don't want to go back to icy roads and frozen water pipes. but at least we're not drowning in the white stuff like so many others around the globe seem to do.
and while I am waiting for spring, daffodils and crocus - I keep knitting away. those yarns are my wool/silk blend, which is naturally light grey, overdyed with navy blue and burgundy (it is burgundy, in the picture it looks lighter). of course I didn't bleach the grey into white for the ball in front - this is a blend of wool with some cotton. white is needed for the pattern and I hope that the cotton content won't lead to problems with washing later. but it's handwash only anyway, so I am hoping for the best. it knits up nicely, is very soft and squishy - and not too chunky and warm.
the colours are veeeery discreet though - and to avoid boredom (and to take something on the train) I also started "slouchy socks", a pattern I found in the xrx book "socks, socks, socks". the yarn is handpainted shepherd's sockwool from lorna's laces in rather vivid colours - but I like how they turned out so far, though I am not sure that the heel with slipped stitches really will be more hardwearing than my normal heel. anyway, I don't usually have holes in the heel part - I tend to have them at the sides of the heel (or sometimes at the bottom:((). I just mended 3 pairs - again - and wish someone would invent "unholeable" sock yarn:))
the leg pattern is a simple knit, though rather effective. three rows of 3 p, 3 k. 3 rows of just p, 3 rows of 3 k, 3 p - and the last three rows f the sequence are just k. the effect is unexpected, the rows undulate somehow - and sink down on top of each other. certainly no socks for higher boots - but perfect for "slouching" about the house in birkenstock slippers:)) I am nearly done with the first - somehow I should kick myself into action again on the vest!


Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
schöne Garne. Sind sie einfädig? Mit was sind sie gefärbt?

Delighted Hands said...

There is nothing like knitting socks to chase the frosty thoughts away.......

Woolly Bits said...

thankfully it warms up nicely during the day, so it's not too bad really. 6-8 deg. C plus with sunshine isn't all that bad - though spring is still a while away!
Juliana, die garne sind einfaedig, ja - und gefaerbt hab ich mit den farben von Gabi/wollpoldi - saeurefarbstoffe. ich hatte nicht genug zeit fuers naturfaerben und auch nicht genug garn, falls die farben nix werden!