Monday, 22 February 2010

what a difference a day makes!

that song came to my mind when I looked out of the window yesterday. we had some lovely sunny days last week, icy cold, but with blue sky at least. and yesterday - dense freezing fog, everything covered in white ice and things like trees, a bit further away, looked like old black and white photos. the eucalyptus was grey and frozen and looked like a feature in one of those old Edgar Wallace films:))
but despite the grey ugliness around - there were some nice finds. my clay witch wears a white veil - made from frozen cobwebs. a new meaning to cobweb lace? well, ok, if I had a nose like hers - I'd try to cover it up as well:))
and the primulas, which I brought inside just in time - are trying their best to get rid of the winter doom and gloom! they always cheer me up no end - I'd never wear colour combinations like those in fabric form, but I do like them in flowers!
on the textile front I am still knitting the vest (maybe I'll finish the zig zags for a photo tomorrow) and the last bit of the 2nd slouch sock. I also work on the teas - and I am ironing my back bent to finish all the fabrics in time for saturday's workshop. the worst is yet to come - after all that ironing I have to mordant the whole lot, let it dry again - and start all over again with the ironing! no choice, if I mordant the wrinkly fabric, I can't iron it hot enough afterwards to get it smooth (important esp. for fabric marbling!) and to not risk burning the stuff! not a good job for someone like me - who hates ironing with a vengeance:((
and when browsing my fabric stash for the light cottons, I found a nice piece of fabric for a new embroidery project I have been planning for some time. it's supposed to be a secret - a surprise for someone. but it's inspired by a book I read, which I liked a lot:)) it will be done with a combination of embroidery, patchwork and applications..... that's all on that topic for now.


Leigh said...

The primulas are stunning! Sounds like your weather has given you some good indoor knitting time.

Delighted Hands said...

We are all ready for some warmer temps, aren't we? Love the flowers!

Eliane Zimmermann said...

wie witzig, so eine koinzidenz, am tag drauf schrieb ich über diesen tag: what a difference a flight makes...ja, es frühlingt etwas, amn erkennt zumindest die bemühungen. so schön sehen meine primeln aber noch nicht aus.