Tuesday, 16 February 2010

slouchies and not so slouchies

the first slouchy sock is finished - it fits like a glove (sock?:)) and I am quite happy with it - though the photo is not exactly focussed. the cast-on is provisional, which leaves the rib quite loose, very comfortable to wear (might be just the thing for diabetics or people with varicose veins?) and lets the leg slouch down a bit. the pattern is worked on the upper part of the foot, too - but the stockinette underfoot keeps it from "slouching" there.
the pattern that forms underfoot looks a bit like a shadow knitting effect to me - every second row is purple - I wonder if the second foot should be worked vice versa?:))
I also did the february clue from the ravelry Lace KALendar - there was a choice this time, a very simple heart pattern or this "heart" pattern - though in Barbara Walker's book it's called honeybee with faggoting. I like more unusual lace patterns and even though it wasn't exactly difficult to knit, there were purl tbl tog. in the back rows and dropped YO, to be knitted together to form the "wings".... during knitting I remembered that a shawl/scarf in yellow is still on the to-do list, for a friend, who likes bees... the shawl features several bee/honeycomb etc. patterns, this one among them. of course with only half the width I was quick again - though this time I had to fiddle a bit more - to make half of the pattern, i.e. 3 "wings", I'd have had to increase too much, so I just knitted the garter stitch edges a tad bit wider instead....
I have to say though - I don't care much for the staggered lace rows as "dividers" - I think, simple garter stitch would have looked better somehow. if I look at it again in 2 weeks time and still don't like it - I'll go frogging:))
I haven't done any spinning lately - my fingers are itchy and I don't think I'll be able to keep away from the wheel much longer.... but first - I have to fulfil my kitchen duty; it's pancake tuesday today!!

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Delighted Hands said...

We had pancakes tues also!
Love the socks-the lace knitting is coming along nicely, too!