Monday, 5 October 2009

patchwork after all!

I didn't do much patchwork with fabric lately - but today I tried another form - domino knitting! that's patchwork done with yarn - does that count? not for christmas though - the online guild of wsd is doing a workshop about domino knitting this month and even though I don't have huge amounts of time to spare right now (who does?), I wanted to try it out properly. I do have the first book by Horst Schultz, also the Domino Knitting and Knit to be square by Vivian Hoxbro (I prefer the latter two), but I didn't actually knit anything out of either of the books yet.
so this morning I went off to dig around in my stash - and grabbed two balls of sock wool, one (the dark purple) a leftover from knitting an aran cardigan a few years back (and socks) - and the other one a ball with mainly reddish-pink tones and some lilac. I didn't really fancy the colour combination, but it was in a special offer of 5 balls, the other 4 long turned into socks - just this "oddball" left. it knitted up pretty quickly and I didn't have any problems following the workshop instructions - but when I started the upper left square I must have shifted the take-up of stitches a bit - it's a bit off kilter in the middle and there's a small bump on the left side.
also - I don't think the multi-colour sock yarn was a good choice - the two longer runs of colour are ok - but I don't really like the flecked looking parts, where there are short bursts of dark and light colour in the yarn! it might have looked better if I had knitted each square in garter stitch only and one colour - but at least I learned a valuable lesson: no jacquard sock yarn for domino knitting - at least not for me! the third lesson I learned was that it might have looked better if I had knitted it with 2.5 mm needles instead of 3 mm. well, it's done now - my next piece will incorporate these lessons - and will hopefully look much improved:))


Leigh said...

Oh, you're doing it! I would love to do this workshop but I just haven't got it in me to concentrate on learning a new skill these days. I will download the notes and save this for when we finally get the living room in order. :) The stove alcove should actually be completed in a couple of days and the stove in right after that!

Woolly Bits said...

might be nice to sit in front of the warm new stove - and knit:)) though I don't think it's terribly difficult as a technique - you can knit a single patch very quickly and put it down again for another time. it's only knit, purl and knit 3 tog. on the other hand - the notes will still be there, when you have more time:))

Delighted Hands said...

I think this looks great-enough so that It has tempted me to try it with the leftover sock yarn that I have stashed in a bowl!! Thanks.