Saturday, 17 October 2009

Miz Frizz

let me introduce you to: Miz Frizz!
this is her - a little feisty felted lady in purple - she looks a bit like me - though I need a few more years for my hair to turn this white:)) the general tendency to a frizzy hairdo is there, though - as is the roundish body shape and the strong affinity to all things purple:))
the story how she came to move in with us:
a little while ago I saw a pink girl on Guzziesue's blog. I thought she was very cute and asked if I could have one in purple... (which was meant as a joke!) and crazy enough - she sent me an email that yes, I could have one in purple! and here she is - she's hanging right in front of me at my place at the kitchen table (cum workspace for me...). she must be cute - if even DS, who doesn't usually make comments about things like that, likes her:))
other than that we are using the brilliant sunshine for more gardening work - and I am in the last stages of finishing my winter cardigan. after that I think I better start with spinning and knitting for the christmas presents - only 10 more weeks to go (and less for those things I have to send by post!). and lots of things to do - what's new? I also have to re-pack part of my spinning stash as I was digging around in a rush yesterday... I hope I'll find some suitable yarn to finish the domino knitting - if not, I just have to spin and dye some stuff instead!


Janet said...

I too like Miz Fizz. An inspiration - for what I'm not quite sure. How about bringing her to the K&S so we can see her in the flesh, so to speak.

Woolly Bits said...

Janet - no problem, I can do that! she's well travelled already:)) and if she's not inspiration for anything textile per se - let her be an inspiration for the generosity between fibre crafters:))

Guzzisue said...

so pleased that she has found a loving family :-)

Jana said...

Hihi! Das ist ja eine witzige Madam!
Liebe Grüße