Saturday, 10 October 2009

more squares

I am still working on some more squares for the domino knitting workshop. I thought that the sock yarn might look better if I left out the solid colour and just used the multicolour. the first square (bottom left) was ok and I was quite pleased after the second one (upper left), when it turned out to be single colour. only, next was the bottom right - and the yarn went on with more of the "flecked" light and dark colours. I didn't fancy two of the same side by side, so I snipped the yarn (what's two more ends to weave in with all the rest?:)) and started the square when the next solid colour thread came up. worked well for a short while - until I realised that this solid colour part is shorter than the first one:(( I wasn't prepared to snip off another part of yarn, so I just finished it like this - but I won't be continuing as I dislike it even more than before....

instead I went hunting for another yarn I could use - and came up with a ball of one handspun ply of lambswool, dyed with leftover easter egg colours - and one ply of tussah silk. I was rather surprised about the outcome of this dye batch! the easter egg colours were extremely bright - but the wool has very pleasing (at least to me!) changes of soft greens, blues and slightly rosy tones - just like an Aubusson carpet! I already made one set of Spirogyra out of the yarn - but gave them away, because they were a bit too long up the arm for my needs.

when our tutor gave us the instructions to make a 3corner shape, I thougth I might give this a try - and I quite like the outcome. I think I'll try to see how many shapes I can make out of the ball I have (I'll weigh one shape, then the ball - to calculate the approx. number...). if it is enough, I'll make a funny-shaped short scarf. if not I might go fishing for a suitable 2nd yarn in my stash - and maybe make a pillow out of it!


Delighted Hands said...

I like the subtle colors....it sure looks different with the different yarns which makes a pattern a keeper! Nice knitting.

Leigh said...

Looks like a great use for multicolored sock yarns. I've got the lessons downloaded, know where my socks yarns are, but haven't a clue about where to find the needles!

Woolly Bits said...

Leigh - I think with the sock yarns it's a bit trial and error - some look nice, others don't. but at least you can use up odds and ends, maybe together with a solid colour? is there nobody around, where you could borrow some dpn for a little while until you find yours? if all else fails you could get some bamboo skewers for bbq:))