Sunday, 20 April 2008

the white peacock

I finally gave myself a kick today, freed the bed and started to block the peacock. I knew that it would be too big to put it all up at once, so I followed Lotte Wackerhagen's (the designer of the "spring in the woods" shawl) tip to double it up and block both sides together, one on top of the other. it worked very well, I did the first half and just had to pull the second one into shape and draw the stitches over the needles in the frist half! it took a while to dry, but otherwise very little effort!

I am very happy with the result - it's a good size, nice and warm and it doesn't look and feel too flimsy. of course it's not something to wear when cleaning or gardening, but it's not too elegant either. perfect - a keeper! here a few pictures of the details and the completed shawl.

I am also nearly done with the "colibri" shrug - I fiddled about with different patterns for the border on both arms - and finally decided to mix several together. one side is done, the other one should be finished by tomorrow - another one to block on the bed, but at least it'll fit in one go! the second "spirogyra" is nearly finished too, time to start something new and exciting:))

I tried to pick some gorze yesterday, but after a few minutes decided to drop that plan - until the wind stops! I need my fingertips whole for knitting and the dyeing isn't anything urgent (apart from the fact that it's nearly end of april and the main flowering season for gorze will be over soon!). I started to sow my dyer's knotweed seeds and would like to overdye some different yellows with the fresh plant to end up (hopefully!) with some nice greens! but if that means to rund around with sore fingertips for weeks - I might choose different plants; after all there are enough choices to dye yellows....


Leigh said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a keeper.

Jana said...

Das Tuch ist ja TRAUMHAFT, Bettina!
Liebe Grüße

Dorothy said...

This is something to be really proud of, it is so beautiful!

Bettina said...

thanks for the praise, but most of it should really go to Jae for her design:)) the knitting is pretty straightforward and not at all difficult and the instructions are easy to follow! I especially like that it has a bit more substance than most lace shawls - nice and cozy!

Jette said...

Very very beautiful shawl you have made, and what a big work it is..

Min nye have said...

Really beautiful, this peacock shawl.
Congratulations to knit this beauty.
Where did you get the pattern ?
I tryed Loopyeyes but it is out of stock there, maybe you got it another place from ?
Greetings Ingrid