Monday, 14 April 2008

first half of spirogyra

I just finished the left spirogyra gauntlet and took a picture - a bit wobbly, because I only had one free hand! I do like it, the soft colours and the yarn feels nice too, but I guess I'll give this pair away (once the other half is finished....), because it is a bit too long for me. it goes up my arm even further than in the picture and I only use gauntlets when I wear something with long sleeves - and living in ireland means it's not cold enough (at least for me) to wear doubled-up sleeves:) I think for my own pair I'll knit two pattern repeats less - or maybe even three. a bit idiotic really, as I thought while knitting that this will be too long - and trying it on for fit wouldn't have been a problem...... well, a finished present will always come in handy - esp. one that isn't really restricted because of size or colours!

I have to be tough with myself now, though - I have to get some gardening done, even though the textiles are rather tempting right now:(( but I have to take advantage of the nice sunny spell as long as it lasts!

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