Thursday, 28 February 2008

the last dickey....

this will be the last dickey for some time! I don't really like mass production much and even though I tried to change the border of this one, I ended up doing it the same way as I did the 2nd one. as the colour is called "kingfisher" I thought a border reminiscent of feathers might be nice, but even though I tried several patterns, in the end I didn't really like any of them. so back to plain I-cord with "unattached spots" - it'll do. I had some angora in the light lilac tone, so I "lined" the neck part with angora - just in case we'll ever get a real winter over here:)) it does look like a return of colder weather on monday, but I don't think it'll qualify for something as warm as this, so the kingfisher will wander into the press for the time being! maybe I should make a similar design, but without the neck part. made from stronger yarn that doesn't stretch that much, I could work in small pockets to be filled with cherry kernel bags or commercial heat pads - for those time where I end up with neck and shoulder pains because I did too much knitting or spinning? I have had plans to do something like that for years now (more than a decade I think?) - but something more important always pops up - usually a present for somebody else - and I end up with a non-decorative, but useful hot water bottle on my shoulder:))
I am also nearly through (again, haha) with the first leaf border of my "spring woods" shawl - I hope I can do a longer tv session tonight to finally get to the 2nd, outer border. that'll be the finishing part, apart from washing and blocking of course.
on the dyeing front I hope to do a first test skein today with the hummingbird colours - hight time, I'll just jump from one lace shawl to the next, it seems.... first things first though - the sun is still shining - time for a spot of gardening!

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