Wednesday, 27 February 2008

the first of two hauls

why is it that finding something "for free" is even nicer than good stuff that had to be paid for? well, it's not totally free, but the membership (in the center!) of our connaught guild as a group isn't all that expensive, given all the nice things that can be found at the recycling center. I went in briefly yesterday - and found another lot of lovely yarns. of course, as they come from a mill, most are fine, but they have nice colours and I can always ply them or just use more than one strand when knitting. but as I wanted to try my hand at weaving anyway, I guess part of them will go towards that goal. or I could use some for lace knitting!
here is my haul:
3 cones of pure wool, navy, light caramel and natural white. very fine, but soft and good quality.

4 large cones (1kg each) of petrol green, bramble and rosewood, I think it is a 2ply mix, 1 strand cotton, 1 strand linen.

4 cones (2 each) of sea island cotton, 2 navy, 2 white. fine and very soft, must make a lovely kimono or summer sweater! unfortunately the way from the center to the station is quite far, so I wasn't able to carry more (as it is the extension to my arms must be permanent by now:)), but I was quite happy reaching home safely with this lot! but maybe it's partly a good thing after all not to have the center closer to my home - or having a car to go there more often! or my room would really be bursting open!

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