Saturday, 16 June 2007

blue monday gadget?

as soon as we became used to the digicam - we had to become "unused" again! it worked fine for a few days - and now it refuses to be switched on; never mind taking pix or anything else:(( nothing works, we changed batteries, took out the memory card - no luck. the only thing to do is to send it back to germany, where my family hopefully can have it exchanged or at least repaired! rather annoying really, it's just luck that I took some more pictures of the dye results for the olg workshop.
on the other hand I did find a fitting zip and a pillow filling, so that I am able to finish the silk cushion - you can't win them all?

and I collected three full stalks of delphinium for dyeing, the rest really only started to flower properly, but the hop wound around those three and brought them down. after one hour in cold water they already dyed the cold water blue! I am going to dig out the last bits of silk to add to it later to see the difference in take-up. in the pot I have flowers of herb robert (geranium robertianum) - but nothing much seems to come out of that. I read somewhere that they do give a dye, but I can't find the source of that at the moment!

because I wasn't really in the mood to start a new knitting project, I dug out the borrowed weavette and gave that a try. seems to be fun to do - I did three plain ones yesterday - and will try out a few of the more fancy patterns I found online. the scanned leaflets are quite old and the shown patterns are somewhat hilarious (which is to be expected I suppose - some of them are from 1938!), but of course they can be modernised quite easily.
I also started to do a snowy owl, after I found the pattern for "Errol" in the book "Charmed Knits". of course, being fans of Harry Potter, we (ie. I do and Stefan demands:)) wanted to do a Hedwig instead, and I added some angora fibres to the yarn and changed the pattern to make a larger owl - I hope this works out, though I don't really know what will happen to Hedwig, once the first excitement of having one is gone....but it should go well with the HP sweater - if ever it'll be a FO! at the moment Dumbledore is very slowly growing on the front part (the sleaves are done, but only with HP knitted into them) - the back is supposed to show Hogwarts by night (why on earth I came up with a fiddly design like that I can't remember...). I have to put the chart into my xstitch programme before going on with knitting, the feltmarkers on charted foil are a nightmare to make out, but I just have to finish it before Stefan is too big to fit into it (or to old to be wearing a dumbledore/hogwarts sweater!) at the moment I have at least 12 or more colours to be used in each row.... but I guess it's going to be worse for the back. all blues, greys and silver and even more to be counted! I will have to embroider the smaller parts on to it later, or I'll never get the knitting finished..... maybe I'll have my digicam back when the sweater is finished???

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