Wednesday, 16 January 2013

not again!

I don't know why, but somehow we seem to be irresistable to dogs, when we cycle to town or back. last week DH was followed by this fellow. her name is Dobby (like our dog) and we know the owner, so we were able to ring them. 15 min. later he picked her up. she is a lovely dog, very well behaved and friendly. just a bit wet that day:)
do you remember her? yep, that's Moggy... when DS came home from school today, he was very late and we thought he had a flat tyre - again. not so, he had to walk, because as friendly as Moggy is - she has no manners at all:( she jumps in front of the bike or even tries to get up on it (delighted to see us:) - even when the cyclist tries to get away! have you ever tried to outcycle a very large dog like that? better don't try, it doesn't work! by the time you could be up and rolling - she has jumped on top of you and pulled you down (yes, I tried, I had to walk halfway into town 2 weeks ago because of her.) the owners let her roam freely it seems - I am just waiting to find her killed at the side of the road - or shot, because she was caught chasing cattle:( what annoys me most is that she is still young and trainable - and such a lovely dog! now DS will have to walk to school tomorrow - with Moggy in tow to hand her back to her owners! and she's soaked wet - the whole house is wet with her (luckily we have tiles in most rooms, and she isn't allowed into the rooms with timber flooring until she's dried off)! and you can't just put her outside, because she wants company and in search of that she starts scratching on doors!
I haven't blogged for a while now - and when I tried just now, I found that apparently I cannot upload pix directly from my computer anymore:( who's crappy idea has this been? I had to open a picasa album, load the pix I want into that to put them on the blog. if that isn't changed again soon, I might stop blogging altogether, because it takes even more steps now!:( why is hardly anything changed for the better???                                   anyway, of course I did finish a few things since my last blog entry. and started even more:) this is a bookmark I found in one of the interweave Jane Austen mags. I changed it slightly - the original features a heart, where I put in the diamond. and I didn't use beads, because I didn't have any that would have fitted the colour of the yarn or its size! it's half silk, half wool, handspun and dyed with the leaves of red-leaved elder... I added a bluish ceramic button - it's not an easy colour to match!

 I also finished the Fletta cardigan to give to my mother-in-law. in hindsight I should have left out the green; I don't think it does much for the pattern. this photo is awful, but it shows the colours reasonably well.
the photo below shows the pattern better - but for some reason it doesn't let me write text beside it (what's wrong with blogger now?) I still have quite a lot of old rose left, but only one skein of the darker cardinal. not sure what I'll do with the leftovers.......

I ordered some felt squares from the uk in mid november, which I wanted to use for some christmas decos. didn't work out quite like that, my sterling draft was apparently lost in the mail and it took some time to sort it all out. a few days back I received my 20 ordered squares, so now I can make easter decos with them instead:) there is a great choice of colours here - but unfortunately it was either no proper light at all or strong sunlight - which makes the colours look a bit garish, which they aren't at all. plenty to do - but first I'll have to clean all the floors tomorrow, when hopefully Moggy has gone back home:)


Delighted Hands said...

We buy a little gadget here to ward off deer from the roads in front of your car......you need it for your bikes to keep away dogs!
The sweater is stunning! Great job. The bookmark is so pretty, too; a very nice gift. Wow, you can start on next Christmas decorations very early so you are not late, in fact, very early now!

Andrea D. said...

Auf dem Foto sieht Moggy aus wie ein Bär. :-)

Die Fletta-Jacke sieht super aus! Die grünen Streifen geben dem Muster das gewisse Etwas, finde ich. Vielleicht kannst du aus dem restlichen Dunkelrot eine passende Mütze dazu stricken?

Liebe Grüße aus dem weiter zuschneienden Rheinland!

Nina said...

Well, the pups are quite adorable. It is sad about Moggy being badly trained and allowed to roam. Good manners in a dog make them enjoyable to be around and not roaming, is truly a safety issue.

I love your bookmark. I have that mag and wasn't that fond of the heart. However the diamond shape is quite elegant.. and I love the button.

I hope you don't stop blogging. I love seeing your projects and hearing about snippets of life in Ireland. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your felt decorations. I've been intrigued by feltwork lately and would love some inspiration!

Woolly Bits said...

Cindy - Michael thought we'd need foghorns to honk, when Moggy comes close:) not sure it would keep that fooldog away from the bike, though... and starting christmas decos early was exactly the comment DH made:) somehow it just doesn't feel right, when spring is in the air though (not that it is like that just now...)

Andrea - hm, ja, dummerweise benimmt sie sich auch oft so:) viel hund mit viel fell und riesenfuessen = viel chaos, wohin sie auch laeuft:) aber knuffig ist sie trotzdem (und die ohren sind schlappig, wenn sie sitzt!) das mit der muetze ueberleg ich mir noch - vielleicht mit aehnlichem muster, aber kleiner?

Nina - I agree, esp. with big dogs it's important that they are well trained! they can do an awful lot of damage if not.... I'd love to keep her, but unfortunately our old lady doesn't share my opinion:)
the bookmark is easily adaptable to other patterns, instead of a heart. I thought I could knit in a shamrock - for a book about ireland. but of course you could put in other small patterns, depending on the book you want it for?
and I do wonder, why people always have to fool around with computer programs, even if they worked perfectly well before... very annoying!

Leigh said...

I love the cardigan and the sweet puppy dog pix. Can't say I like the news about not being able to upload photos from our computers though. I find Picasa very difficult to deal with and like you say, extra steps are nothing but a deterrent. Bookmark is really nice too and the button is a perfect touch.

Elke said...

Hallo Bettina,
dann laufen bei euch also viele Hunde den ganzen Tag einfach so herum? Wenn ihr so nett zu denen seid, ist es kein Wunder, dass sie immer mit wollen. ;-)
Das mit den Bildern und dem Text daneben schaffe ich auch regelmäßig nicht. Irgendwas stimmt da mit dem Blogger nicht, das kann wirklich nerven.

Woolly Bits said...

Leigh - I am going to check out how pix work now! not much hope though, usually change like that is for the worse:(
the dog pix are cute - it's only the dog in real life that wrecks havoc:)

Elke - ja, manchmal hat man hier das gefuehl, leute mit haus halten sich den hund nur als deko:( viele sitzen einfach nur draussen davor rum, stuerzen sich begeistert auf alles, was sich bewegt und langweilen sich ansonsten nur:( tatsaechlich, kein wunder, dass sie dann lieber hingehen, wo was los ist und man auch mal gestreichelt wird:)