Tuesday, 1 February 2011

can we start again, please?

what a mess this year has been so far:(( before people start to think I am gone altogether - I am still here, it's just that blogging isn't the most important thing just now. the old year left me with toothache just before christmas - which turned out to be a major job as I had to have a buried, but moving wisdom tooth extracted. well, extracted isn't the right word, more like excavated:(( after two weeks it's still painful and I have come to the conclusion that the dentist, who foresaw some trouble with a crown right beside it was right. that crown probably has to go, too:(( unfortunately I haven't married a dentist and the bills are hefty - and of course more or less unplanned. well, nothing to be done about it - but it annoys me that I have to pay a small fortune and still am left with the pain!

on the other hand just yesterday we discovered a major disaster with the house. we thought the frost might have damaged a roof tile or two, because drops of water leaked through the kitchen ceiling along the back wall - but that's the least of our worries. when we opened the low attic over the kitchen to see if there's water up there, we discovered major rat damage on the wiring! the way it looks now it seems we either abandon the cottage altogether (but where to go??) or have to do a major job to repair it. well, not repair so much - really it would be a replacement of everything, the cables, the kitchen ceiling, pretty much all door frames to the adjoining rooms, the heating etc... you'll get the drift - blogging isn't really important just now:((

sorry about the doom and gloom, but when you're faced with facts like this, which might end in leaving a country altogether and having to start all over again elsewhere out of the blue - it's hard to be more positive:((

I hope to find a solution - and to get back to blogging soon... until then, fingers crossed that it'll all work out somehow! or is there a time switch, where we can move on to end up in 2012 with all problems solved? if so, please let me know by pm - and soon:))


Delighted Hands said...

I sure hope you get some good news on the house soon...can you do some of the wiring (or re-wiring!) yourselves. It sure can be overwhelming to get news like this!

wiebke said...

ich wünsche euch...frühlingswind..sonne wärme..keinen ärger mehr und dann wird alles besser..
mache ruhig pause..ich brauche das auch ab und zu..gruß wiebke

Helen said...

What an awful start to the year for you. There nothing so ghastly as toothache so when that improves you may feel more positive about the repairs to the cottage. I hope that the outlook improves for you and send you warm thoughts across the water.

Woolly Bits said...

thanks for your good wishes...

Cindy - we do all our repairs ourselves, but sometimes things are beyond that. we worked all day yesterday and found, that maybe it looked worse than it actually is. right now it looks like being costly, but more or less repairable - I hope! the problem is that there is little space to move and also how to not only repair this, but prevent new damage in the future....there's nothing worse than problems with electricity in a house!

Wiebke - danke, ja, manchmal ist anderes einfach wichtiger, auch, wenn mir das bloggen dann fehlt.

Helen - I probably have to see the dentist again - but after that it just has to improve! repairs everywhere:))

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
tut mir leid, dass das neue Jahr bei dir auch nicht gut angefangen hat. Ich hoffe für euch, dass sich doch noch eine gute Lösung findet.
- das mit dem Bloggen kann ich gut nachvollziehen -

woll-as said...

Wir drücken euch ganz doll die Daumen, daß es für gesundheitliche- und Hausprobleme bald ein gute Lösung gibt.
wollige Grüße Anita und Wolfgang

Janet said...

What a nightmare Bettina. Hope the scene brightens soon, what with the lengthening days etc.

Nina said...

Goodness, what a mess to have to deal with. Rodents sure can cause problems! I hope that it turns out to be less work and expense than you first thought and that it can be repaired fairly easily. We take on most of our repairs, doing them one step at a time.

Leigh said...

Oh Bettina, what a terrible start to the new year. The dental problem by itself is bad enough. But the wiring damage is very discouraging indeed. I'm glad you updated though, I was a bit worried about you. Do keep us posted once you make a decision about the cottage.