Tuesday, 23 November 2010

what a way to start the day!

as if the economic/politcal situation over here isn't bad enough....

I love to start my day with a fresh mug of tea, into which I put a dash of milk, not too much, just to cut it slightly. well, I did the same as usual:  tea, bag out, open fridge door, milk into the tea.... with the first sip I realized that it was quite strong, I didn't stir the milk in properly.... the second sip..... hm, a bit of a weird taste! might be me, sometimes a cold etc. can give tea a funny taste. with the third sip I noticed a decidedly fruity taste - and a bit acidic it was too! ach, the milk must be off, what a waste of a perfectly good mug of tea!
when I emptied the mug into the sink I saw funny yellow "bits" that had sunk to the bottom - and then it hit me! I didn't add milk to my tea - it was mango/passionfruit smoothie:(( no wonder that the tea tasted weird - maybe I should open my eyes a bit more in the morning?:)) or put the smoothie tetrapack into a different space, not where I usually keep the milk!

one of those days... I won't switch on the news anymore, it's too depressing - and nobody seems to know anything definite just now, but everybody speculates like mad, as if that could help.... and a good piece of advice: don't "spice up" your tea with a dash of smoothie... it tastes yucky:))


Delighted Hands said...

I hope the rest of the day went better! Sorry, but I did laugh at your funny concoction! Yuck is right!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
jetzt hatte ich wieder mal was zum Lachen :) (ich meine natürlich das mit der Milch).
Das mit der Politik ist dagegen wirklich traurig. Ich frag mich wie das möglich ist.

Woolly Bits said...

Juliana - das fragen sich wohl die meisten:(( aber ueber die smoothie-milch musste ich auch lachen - nachdem ich mich ueber meine eigene daemlichkeit erstmal genug aufgeregt hatte:))

Leigh said...

LOL, so glad to know I'm not the only one who does things like this. I almost put whey into the bread dough instead of potato water. What a surprise that would have been.