Sunday, 12 September 2010

colour red

this week is nearly over - time to post my favourite dark red. well, I like darker red anyway, but this week my dahlia gave me so much joy (even though she dyed golden yellow and not red:)) - so here it is:
it was a bit bedraggled by rain already, when I took the photo, but I had cut off all the others for dyeing:)

next week it's going to be pink - there won't be much in the way of textiles as I am not really a pink girl. but I am sure I can find pix from the garden.....


Delighted Hands said...

Red is a dominant color in my garden,too, I just love to look out and see red! Very pretty dahlia!

Janet said...

Nice red. What is this with the colours? Do you do a different colour each week? I feel I missed the start of this thread.

Woolly Bits said...

yes, Janet, it's kind of a challenge - there's a button on the right below my email... the german blog "himbeermarmelade" (raspberry jam:)) started it and provided the participants with a list of colours, one for each week. it's similar to the one I did last year, only we changed the colour each day - which made it all a bit frantic. one each week is enough - and even with this I skipped one or two:))