Saturday, 4 September 2010

black and white "colours"

this week it's black and white - and there is really only one black and white thing that is really important to me. written words, books, mags, patterns  etc. I knit a lot, but I read even more:) I can't imagine my life without reading; I do it all the time and voraciously - the saying "inhaling books" fits me very well. so here is my one and only choice for black and white:
word puzzles, (blurred) texts, a cross stitch pattern and even a piece of knitted text (I think M. Isager "invented" the newspaper sweater?) are my very small choice to stand for all books and texts that have changed the world so much over the last few centuries! I wonder where the world would be without the invention of language, writing and printing?


Delighted Hands said...

The written word is a big part of my life, too. Nice graphic images!

Jinx said...

Oh, yes, the newspaper sweater by Marianne Isager. I still want to knit thisone.


Janet said...

Language, writing, printing - yes where would we be without books to read? Tilling the fields I guess and telling folk tales by the fireside. Do you remember my blog from Hong Kong about the shredded books being knitted as an art form?