Monday, 19 July 2010

sand coloured? not quite....

...but when I sorted through some of the piles in my "wool room", I came across this sweater I made a few years back. well, it's a bit darker than normal sand - but I know that there are black sand beaches somewhere, so why not?:))
I made this sweater from handspun manx loaghtan and a naturally white blend from wool with very little angora in it. DS loves polar bears (as do I!) and asked for a special design, where the bears were chosen from pix he saw in the National Geographic. off I went with graph paper - and this was the outcome, back and front:
of course it's far too small by now, but when I asked if we could hand it to some other child, he didn't want to let it go. I am not allowed to give it away, but he is still thinking about having it felted and made into a pillow... until then it'll stay on the "to-do" heap in my room (together with many other things...) I suppose felting it shouldn't be a problem - but maybe time will solve that problem. so no beaches with sand from me - rather a winter sweater; the right thing for continental blog readers, who are melting away in the summer heat:))


Delighted Hands said...

It is good to know what color is not easy for you to stock and therefore, not a ton of it in your stock. This sweater is a beauty! I don't blame him for wanting a felted pillow out of it!

Leigh said...

What a neat sweater! I can't blame your DS for not wanting to give it up. A felted pillow is a great idea.

Regina said...

Lovely sweater - I think I could not part with it myself ... the colour does look exactly like sand - only its WET sand!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
der ist aber schön. Da würde es mir auch schwerfallen, den wegzugeben.
Ist das Doppelgestrick - wegen der anderen Farbe auf der Rückseite.

Nina said...

I wouldn't want to give up that sweater either. It's great!

Woolly Bits said...

Juliana, nee, da hab ich nur den saum in weiss gestrickt und umgeschlagen - und die "luesekoefte" maschen sind ganz normal mit weiss eingestrickt. fuer double knits ist es hier nicht kalt genug:))

somehow I am reluctant to felt the sweater - I like it as it is - and I still hope that eventually DS grows up enough to part with it. I am sure some other child would like it - and what guy would want a pillow like that (once they are past 14 maybe:))

Janet said...

That sweater us just too beautiful to felt or to give away. I just love the pattern. It's a treasure Bettina.