Friday, 1 January 2010

Wild Fibers?

Delighted Hands asked about the Wild Fibers magazine, but I forgot to include it in the last entry. So here it goes: I like the magazine and by now I managed to collect 14 back issues (pity, but the first few are out of print::(( why don't they re-publish them as downloadable files, I wonder?) and have a subscription for 2010. it's full of reports from all around the world about every imaginable natural fibre - everything is covered, from different wools and hairs to naturally coloured cotton. the photos are lovely and I find the articles make a good read - if you are interested in the background of textiles, fibres etc.
if you are keen on patterns or instructions - you would be better off with the spin-off, because there is only one pattern in each issue of "wild fibers" and there are no how-to instructions about any technique. but it completes the practical approach from interweave beautifully. it's certainly not an absolute must-have for spinners, weavers or dyers, but it often gives me a new or broader understanding of all things textile. so now - you have to make up your mind to go ahead and buy it - or be frugal and do without:))


Wild Fibers said...

Perhaps I can chime in for a moment on the availability of old issues of Wild Fibers. It is true that some of the contents are available on our website although it is on the "wish list." As I'm sure your aware the magazine staff consists of myself, a part-time bookkeeper and a part-time receptionist. Virtually all of our resources go into publishing what I hope is a high quality magazine with information that simply can't be found anyplace else. I know that we don't write about techniques and such, and that is certainly a valuable part of the fiber arts world, however some of the other publications have been covering those areas for so long (and doing it so well!) It seemed time for something new and different.
Many thanks for your subscription and thoughtful words about the magazine.
Best wishes for a happy, healthy (and occasionally) wild New Year.

Linda Cortright
Editor and Pubisher
Wild Fibers Magazine

Woolly Bits said...

Linda - thank you for your comment! I am happily reading away in my latest additions - and looking forward to the new issues this coming year. of course it's a lot of work, I can understand that - and even interweave with their large staff haven't published their old spinoff issues as files for sale! I'd just love to have all of the wild fiber issues myself (sheer greed:)).
I see your magazine as my way of travelling the world on the hunt for "fibre" information - something I couldn't and wouldn't do otherwise!
I wish you all the best for the coming years - and always safe travels!

Holly said...

What issues are you missing? I have some early ones in my magazine stash and if these are the ones you are missing you are welcome to mine.

Woolly Bits said...

Holly, that's a nice offer, thank you, but I am missing the first 10 issues:(( I saw the first ads for it, but somehow I didn't jump on the waggon and only realised that I want it in 08 - which left me well stranded! I suppose I have to make do without them - or (if I ever win the lottery) go and hunt around for them on ebay maybe....:))
a happy new year to you from ireland!


Holly said...

My collection starts with Fall 2005. So if you are missing anything since then let me know. I think I have most of them but I have given some away. I need to make room on my shelves so you are welcome to them. Also my two fiber guilds will be having their annual members "house cleaning" sales soon and Wild Fibers issues may turn up there. Holly

andra said...

Habe erst heute gesehen, das Du mich besucht hast. Lieben Dank dfür bin schon neugierig auf Deine Projekte und freue mich über den lieben Kommentar.
Liebe Grüße
andrea aus rheinberg

Delighted Hands said...

Thank you for the review-I think it would be just what I am looking for, I appreciate the information! I love history and geography so a subscription only makes sense for me when it is centered on fiber to boot!

Woolly Bits said...

Holly, if you are trying to get rid of them, I could use Fall 05, winter 06 and spring 06? maybe you could let me know by email how much you want for them and how I can pay you? thanks for the offer first of all:))

Delighted Hands: I think you can't go wrong with the "wild fibers" there - I find all the articles very interestin; it makes me appreciate the fibres I work with much more! and there are plenty of books for techniques around and even more for projects - but very little seems to be on offer for the stories behind the textiles! or if there are, they are usually concetrated on one area, on one fibre etc.