Friday, 29 January 2010

felt with a hole

this was the bag knitted from Kilkarra tweed leftovers, after felting. it looks quite nice I think - dense enough to go without lining - though the colours seem to be a bit "christmassy"? it's large enough for bits and pieces - though not large enough for longer trips, where I have to take knitting projects, water, food etc.:)) and in contrast to most of the natural dyes the colours didn't change at all during felting, with a normal wash load, i.e. with added detergent!
I started to pull the bag into shape, the way I always treat knit-felted stuff. the first side was fine, the handle/middle was ok, too - but when I started the second side, I heard a funny sound - and this hole appeared:((

rats - I hadn't planned on a bag with venting hole! I thought I might just wind yarn around a small washer to put in the middle - but this would look different, because it's not felted.. I then begann to mend the hole - but I didn't want to do the felting all over again, so I thought of a different solution:
I crocheted a flower in all of the colours, felted this (in another wash load:)) and fixed it on top of the mended spot. as I mentioned before, crocheted things always felt differently compared to knitted ones... here the colours stayed clearer, less fuzz - but never mind that. the hole is closed - and I'll use the bag - even though I'd have preferred it without the "ruffles":))
today I am going to finish the "tree of life" socks - and tomorrow I'll do more socks, because I am doing two sock knitting demonstrations at the museum of country life in castlebar.... or so I hope, because snow and icy roads are forecasted - and if that turns out to be the case - I am not going to risk the trip.


Delighted Hands said...

Yippee! Crafters are soooo smart. It looks great. Have fun with those socks!

Leigh said...

Oh, you are so clever! Perfect touch for the bag. Actually if it wasn't for the hole you probably wouldn't have thought to do that. It turned out very well!

Janet said...

Nice results with the felting of the bag and the crochet addition.
Good luck with the 2 sock knitting demonstration.

Helen said...

I like the crocheted flower-great fun. I hope you get to your event as here we have had snow and ice although only a little.

Dorothy said...

The crochet flower might have started as mending, but it has turned out the perfect finishing touch, well done! Very pretty colours.