Wednesday, 22 July 2009

funny socks and finished shawls

I took sock stuff with me for the trip to germany - I liked the looks of Guinevere (from yarnforward), even though I was pretty sure from the start that the sock yarn I chose wasn't ideal. I thought the i-cord instead of a rib was fun, even though (or because?) it isn't as tight fitting as a rib. I also liked the pattern; it was interesting to knit - until I reached the toe decreases... I know that I have long narrow feet, but I wonder if there are still people out there, who wear the duck feet shoes that were fashionable in the middle ages? the toe shape would surely be ideal for them? but even though I wear slippers or birkenstocks most of the time - I don't want to wear socks with funny ears on both sides of the toes, while the middle is tight! so I unravelled and started again, with my usual toe decreases this time. I tried to make sure that the rib pattern looks reasonable even and it worked quite well, I think.

this is the changed toe part, it fits like a glove without "ears"!
the k tbl stitches are nice and even, no visible breaks in the pattern...
this is the whole sock - but I still don't like the yarn as it makes the lacy leaf pattern vanish in the stripes. I'll have to do it all over again soon in either a single colour yarn or a sock yarn with barely visible colour changes!
I also finished the Aeolian shawl from knitty - it's drying just now and should be done tonight.
I took the opportunity to try out my new carbon fibre rods, which I ordered from a german kite supplier and brought home in the suitcase (this was rather worrying at first - when I saw the package I first thought I won't be able to make them fit! but it turned out that 10 1.3 mm diameter rods took up about 5 % of the whole package - the rest was wrapping etc.! they bend nicely and gave me no trouble).

We only have timber floors or tiles in our cottage, so no carpet to block my lace knitting. I did buy a pack of those rubber floor jigsaws a while ago, but most of the shawls are too large to fit, not even when they are doubled up down the middle. so off I went to the bed again... and was quite glad that I was able to thread the stitches along the even side onto the rods while sitting comfortably at a table. I knew already that I wouldn't be able to completely do the two patterned sides on the rods, but I put them through the longest part of the pattern and added pins only for the shorter "tips". it worked quite well and I think, the 10 rods I have should be enough for even the largest of lace shawls (I still think about doing the Oregon shawl, which is huge!). one happy bunny:)) now I just have to decide what to do next... when a friend asked about an error in the "Print o' the wave" shawl" I remembered that I always wanted to do this one - which would be nice in the dark blue cashwool from Baruffa... might be my next project? at least the colour would look better with waves instead of Laminaria:)) I am just not sure whether or not one skein will be enough....
detail of rod/pin blocking
the whole (well, most of it anyway) Aeolian shawl, when blocked on the bed. it's another crescent shape, just like the lily-of-the-valley shawl I did last. they do sit nicely on the shoulders without slipping! I didn't add the beads shown in the original pattern, but I plan to knit this pattern again and will probably add beads the next time (just to compare....)


Rickypointing said...

wow very Nice shall let me know where i get this ?

With regards

Delighted Hands said...

Socks are nice; the shawl is to fantastic!

Guzzisue said...

thinking that I need to learn to knit.Thanks for comments on the quiltie :-)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
das ist eine interessante Idee mit den Stäben.
Viele Grüße