Friday, 31 July 2009

finished some, started more

here are a few finished projects - the guinevere socks with altered toes. even though the pattern looks wishy-washy with the yarn - they wear nicely and feel good on my feet. I didn't think the heel would fit like that, but it does, at least in the birkies I usually wear. normally I'd change needles for heels and toes, when I knit socks, but I didn't this time - we'll see how fast I'll get holes in my heels:))
I also finished the Aeolian shawl, at least the knitting and blocking is done. this is a more detailed photo:
I do like how it looks, though if I did it again I would use a slightly chunkier yarn. it isn't too small, it just feels extremely light and given the fact that I rarely wear shawls - and if I do, I wear them for warmth and not looks - it's probably going to go to another home eventually. I will try painting the lace first though - a good base I think, because the different areas of the pattern are well defined, and also the investment for the yarn and the time for knitting wasn't extraordinary either. I am thinking about blue and green tones? or maybe blue and red and purple - like a sunset?

holding it like that it looks like a big white bat - taking off any second now:))
of course my needles are never empty! I snatched up a pair of socks I started a while ago - nothing special, simple straightforward socks for DS - as long as I don't put the promised HP decos on it at least. I also started the print o'the waves stole by Eunny Jang, but there's nothing much to show with the fine yarn and only 8 or 9 rows!
in spinning I finished the first 100 g of BFL in brown - but as long as there's no button for touch/feel on the computer, a uniform brown hank isn't going to make it into the blog:)) it does feel nice though, soft and scrunchy and I am rather impatient to knit with it now! unfortunately I have to do quite a lot of the merino/possum mix first, because the BFL in brown and "humbug" (brown/natural blend) is only decoration for the main colour of m/o.
I also "found" three small balls of angelina again, one white and two in a blend of pastel tones that I wanted to mix into some other fibres. I have been going through some of my fibre stash and I want to start blending colours and fibres more. unfortunately the weather is once again dysmal, rain all day and wind, too - so no carding outside:(( it'll have to wait until the weather dries up a bit! what a summer!


Delighted Hands said...

The shawl is stunning! Wow.
Be sure and post the dyeing adventure-I just started a new Pi shawl and I plan on adding a few areas of dyeing to make the design stand out so will be interested in how you tackle yours first! :')

Woolly Bits said...

will do - though I'll have to wait a while, because I only have blue left for dye:(( it will probably be end of september for our next meeting, where I'll get more.... I haven't done a Pi shawl yet - but I used the idea some time ago to make a pi bag:))

Kristin said...

Der Schal ist wunderschön geworden und blau-grün-Töne würden bestimmt richtig gut dazu passen. Ich habe den Schal auch noch auf meiner Liste, aber wann ich dazu komme, ihn zu stricken steht wohl in den Sternen. Im Augenblick reicht es kaum zu mehr als Socken und kleinen Schals.
Danke fürs Zeigen und die tolle Idee mit den unterschiedlichen Farben.
Grüße auf die grüne Insel

Woolly Bits said...

danke! ich muss bloss erstmal die richtigen farben holen! und dann ueberlegen, wo ich das teil auslege zum faerben - vermutlich am besten draussen?:)) das stricken war uebrigens ziemlich schnell gemacht, die muster sind logisch aufgebaut und gut zu stricken. irgendwann hast du sicher auch mal wieder lust und musse fuer was groesseres - es laeuft ja nicht weg!

viele windige gruesse


Anonymous said...

Hallo Bettina,
sehr schön dein Schal. Wieviel wiegt er denn und welche Nadelstärke? Gruß Juliana