Thursday, 11 December 2008

photo meme

I have been tagged by Leigh!

The directions are:
*Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.*Pray you remember the details.*Tag five others.
she must have known that I recently emptied most of my folders (ie. I didn't just delete of course, but I burned pretty much everything on cd-r:). I had to take no. 7 anyway - no. 5 belongs to my son, so that doesn't count! otherwise you'd have to look at film pix from hp no. 6:))

this is no. 6 in folder 7 (by luck it contains - knit pix!)

it shows a long open tunic, designed by Dorothea Fischer, who is going to put this pattern up for free on ravelry very soon. I like it - first of all because of the colours - naturally dyed! and also, because it isn't only suitable for all sizes - but a versatile garment to boot. it can be worn loose like a long vest, tied to the back, worn like a large shawl etc. I am planning to make something similar - probably in handspun merino/possum mix with accents in brown BFL. eventually - the fibres are still rolling about on my messy table and have to be made into yarn before I can start knitting - sometime soon - hopefully in this life:)
I am still busy working on my exchange project - I hope I'll finish in time; a xmas exchange isn't much fun around easter! well, on the other hand it doesn't really look all that christmassy; I think it could be used at any time. and of course I am working on the last few presents - but cannot show anything right now or I might spoil the surprise for the recipients. not long to go now - the countdown is already on....
rats - I nearly forgot to tag my own five blogs... here they are!
Uli, Janet, Juliana, Kristin and KayB - I am curious and want to know about your pix folders:)


Leigh said...

I don't usually like memes but this one has been fun! I love that tunic! By chance do you have a photo of the back too?

Jewel said...

I love the tunic! Great colors!