Monday, 15 September 2008

test, test, test

as the weather continued to be yucky all weekend I diddled around the spinning wheel again. I must be the most ignorant idiot around - I know all the things I should do and finish in time - yet I chose to dig around in my stash and started to spin something that I definitely don't need for any projects right now....
I spun a pre-drafted thin roving from wollpoldi, a blend of 75 % viscose and 25 % silk = very shiny. I didn't put in a lot of twist and to stabilise the yarn a bit more, I first plied it with a fine commercial mohair in dusty pink and after this added another fine commercial yarn, pure cashmere this time (and plied in the opposite direction, of course). those two yarns make good binders, they add a bit of stability and take down the sheen a tiny bit. the colour looks a bit like crab apples blossoming - only I haven't got a clue what I'll do with that yarn, once I have finished the rest of it (I have a kg of the pre-draft - and lots more on the cones of mohair and cashmere). I don't think shiny white yarn would be very flattering on me as a sweater, vest etc. - I guess I just hang the skeins up under the ceiling together with all the others that are already there, waiting for their "awakening" into a suitable project.
and today the sun made it out for the first time in a while - and is even supposed to stay visible for a good part of the week! so off I go into the garden!

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Helen said...

Well I do that too-go off at a tangent and do something unrelated to where I am supposed to be going. Sometimes I find it suddenly pays off and a new project develops but then again sometimes not! However it is always a bit of a holiday. The yarn is lovely and sounds so luxurious with cashmere. :)