Wednesday, 10 September 2008

fiddling along

while outside the rain is lashing against the windows (again - yes!) - I am sitting inside with my knitting. this is dangerous knitting! decades ago (I know, it sounds as if I am at least 100:)) I started to knit lace doilies etc. and when I saw a set of dpn in holland - in size 1,5 mm - I snatched them up. didn't use them much afterwards but now they do come in handy! I gave up on the plan of felting and embroidering my "page" in the textile book our guild is doing as a group project. somehow it's not "my" technique, at least not the felting part. knitting however is, always has been and will continue to be that for as long as I am able to knit, I suppose!

yesterday evening I thought about the patterns I might use, did the cast-on - hilarious, 96 stitches are about 15 cm wide:) it is a bit fiddly - and I have to be careful not to prick myself as the needles are pretty sharp at that tiny size! but it's fun too and I made good progress in front of the tv yesterday evening! I am planning to dye the calico background as the "bainin" colour of the sweater would be pretty much invisible against the background otherwise. dyeing the wool would have been easier, but I wanted a traditional irish sweater - so off-white it has to be!
the pattern isn't difficult really, I just have to be careful not to splice the 2 threads of fine yarn - my own fault really, as I was too lazy to ply them together and started knitting straight away! it's "found" yarn (commercial, not handspun), pure wool, from the recycling center in castlebar - too fine to use as a single strand, even for a mini sweater! I could probably do a real 1:12 sweater - but for this even the fine needles would be too thick - I'd have to hunt around for even finer needles to do this properly! back to the skewer knitting!

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