Wednesday, 13 August 2008

it just doesn't stop!

it's raining - again! it started in the early hours of the morning and hasn't stopped since! and I don't mean drizzle, nope, it's coming down in buckets! ok, we tend to have a lot of rain in ireland, even in summer. but this year must be one of the worst at least since I came over (12 years now!). if it doesn't stop soon, we'll add some more to the 40 shades of green - mouldy blue-grey-greens, -not the grassy stuff that's normally abundant in the fields here!

well, I'll look on the bright side - gardening is impossible (don't want to drown on the way to the polytunnel:) - so it's back to textiles! anyway, it doesn't feel like summer, so knitting and spinning are a good way to pass the time without becoming depressed. I still use the borrowed Lendrum to spin up lots of small samples in fine gauge - this viscose is a bit more purple in reality, but it spins up nicely and I started some blue late last night to try it out in a chunkier version. I think the fine yarn might be suitable to add some shine and also stability to a soft singles, maybe in wool or alpaca; something without much lustre. maybe a wrap yarn, we'll see. if I ply it tightly on it's own, it becomes pretty stiff and hard; too hard for embroidery, never mind for use in knitting!

this is a mixture of 70 % superwash wool and 30 % silk - very soft and smooth and silky and easy to spin to boot! I bought it with no project in mind, but I am going to use some of it now to dye and knit it up for the baby "bag".... the very colourful wool I tried first wasn't to my liking; it was soft enough - but to "loud" in colour! I am going to use some Gaywools to paint "dots" onto the skeins of this yarn, so that the basis is still white - with blobs of colour! I have about 2 kg in all, plenty for more ideas to come. I think I'd also like it as a finer yarn (single maybe?) for a lace shawl.... I still have the Lily-of-the-valley Heather shawl by Dorothea on my to-do-list - this might be a good yarn to knit it! in white though - no dyes necessary.

on monday I received some new books in the mail - I was rather surprised, because the packet took very long indeed from holland! no wonder, when it arrived it was taped shut with an imprint by the customs office! I didn't know that EU parcels are checked - but know now why it took so long to arrive! must be very disappointing for a customs officer to open a package (maybe containing drugs, who knows?) - just to find 4 textile craft books - and nothing else:))
anyway, I was quite happy with the contents - esp. with the book "folk bags", which contains several patterns that I like and at least 2-3 projects that I'd like to cast on for immediately! so - if it keeps raining - I'll tuck into my stash and keep knitting! there might be some presents in the making.....


Helen said...

Hi yes it wa sraining cats and dog here too! I hung sdome nearly dyed wool out to get the air into it and dried quickly only to find it was raining so hard I could not leave my studio to get a coat from the house to go and get it without getting really really wet! Ugh what has happened to the summer?
I have a Lendrum and when I do spin I love it. I am feeling tempted with the COA in spinning being run on the Online guild as I really want to get back to spinning but can't seem to motivate myself. Oh well .

Helen said...

sorry that should have read "nearly dry newly dyed wool" with apologies for the typos. :(

Leigh said...

I've never seen viscose on a spinning bobbin, so this is interesting. It must have some good use; perhaps a sparkle or two .

Sorry about all your rain! Too bad you couldn't share some with us.

Francine said...

Would you tell us more about your new books ? and why did they come from Holland ?