Thursday, 7 August 2008

another scarf

I finally finished another scarf, the "dark mark scarf" (a must for every hp fan:) - the middle part took me a long time, because it wasn't so interesting to knit! but the "shadow" part is fun - and the socks in gryffindor gold and red with a lion are to follow immediately! I hadn't done fringes for a long time though - and I had to actually look it up to remember again how it is done! how embarrassing is that? well, Montse Stanley to the rescue and off I went. the knotting is easy - I should just have counted the cut threads properly - if I had I wouldn't have had to cut more green ones - and be left with a heap of useless scraps in black now! I still have nearly 3 black balls leftover and a little bit of the second green one - enough for a hat, maybe only with a small dark mark in embroidery with the green.
tomorrow is "shopping day" for us - so I better finish now. but I saw earlier in the garden that the yellow cosmos and also the coreopsis started to flower. more pickings for the dye pot!


Jinx said...

It looks really great! Good job!

KayB said...

oh... have to show that to my daughter... she would love it... but then I'm not quite sure if she would wear it also. Great Scarf, anyway.

Buecher-undWollkistchen said...

Sieht klasse aus. Ich bin bei meinem jetzt auch an dem langweiligen Teil angekommen. Ich hoffe, ich schaffe morgen auf dem Stricktreffen ein bisschen was davon.
Danke für den tollen Hinweis.
Schöne Grüße aus good old Germany


Helen said...

Hi I am amazed at how much you produce . Both scarves are very imprssive!

Leigh said...

Oh my, someone is going to absolutely love this! Very nice Bettina. Like Helen, I'm amazed at how productive you are too.

Dorothy said...

I'm very impressed by this, it looks superb.

So you're another knitter with Montse Stanley to hand, I have a couple of her books and have found her to be the knitting teacher I always wanted, she's helped me through many difficulties.