Monday, 30 June 2014

quick update

just a short blog entry - to say that yes, I am still alive - and I finished the quilt, puh:) just in time - I slightly underestimated not only the number of green hexies I'd need (easily rectified by making more) - but also the time I need to put it all together. but it's done now, so no need to complain! I think I might be taking a break with the hexies for a few weeks - a lot of stuff wasn't done lately and I'll better get up to scratch on a few things first! but the plan is to make at least one other "wild flower garden" (for myself this time!).....
 these are some of the work stages: lots of paper inlays:) bottom left shows the back of the top, looks very 3-D! I didn't quilt the top, I just knotted it - like flower stamen, in some of the flowers, but not all of them. I thought about sewing around it all on the green edge with multicoloured thread, but there's already so much colour in the quilt! and I've done all of it by hand - didn't want to add a bit of machine work after all:)
the bottom right are my leftovers. I made 36 flowers more than I needed (not on purpose, but I can use them for the next one!). and I've only left a handful of greens - after I made more than 100 extras! I think I might choose fewer greens for the next one though - all the different greens make the whole thing a bit too unruly:) flower garden for very wild grannies:) I counted 1705 hexies - and the whole thing took about 150 hours give or take. if anybody asks: no, I wouldn't do something like that for sale! or at least not until somebody pays me the minimum wage per hour:) which would mean 8.65 per hour - that would be about €1300 just for the work - plus of course all the materials:) I can't see anybody forking out that kind of money (or even just half of it) for a tablecloth of 110 x 110 cm....
 so this is the finished table cloth. on a nice summer day:) I put thermolam in as a waddding, but I think a piece of brushed cotton would have been enough - it's not to keep someone warm after all! but at least nothing wobbles; it's soft, but not so soft that glasses or cups wouldn't stand properly. if I had more time I would have liked to handquilt a leafy border around, but that would have been cutting it a tad too fine!
 I didn't do much beside the sewing, but I needed some relaxation on the side here and there:) so I started on another one of the pencil roving "cheeses" I ordered from Studio Donegal a while back. I love the colours, but this time the roving is extremely fine and flimsy. so much so that I had to double it up to be able to spin it. I pull out one colour and divide it - to match the colours reasonably well. but it does get mixed up a bit, so the colours aren't as clear as the last ones. if one can call tweed colours clear that is:) not sure what I'll make out of it - I think maybe a bag? it's too rough to wear knitted up and I wouldn't have enough to weave a larger piece of cloth.
 the last few weeks have been pretty good weatherwise and we spent a lot of time outside. I was rather surprised to find this fellow inside - he (she?) made a racket at the window, trying to get out (yes, really, it sounded like a little helicopter!). I managed to catch it in a jar to carry it outside - doesn't it have gorgeous colours? it's called "elephant hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor) and I have never seen one here before! I thought they might be rare, but apparently they're not.
still, I am happy to see all the different species - to me it means that our garden is a home to a lot of wildlife.... 
 my garden isn't quite the riot of colour the quilt shows and I have to admit that some of the real plants are more gentle on the eyes:) this is the rose "New Dawn", a lovely climber with porcelain pink flowers that's been growing outside our porch for many years. we cut it back last year, because it was rather straggly, but it's been coming back nicely this summer! pity though that it isn't scented - and it doesn't do rosehips either! well, you can't be beautiful and smell  nice at the same time:)
other flowers however go better with my "wild garden" colour scheme:) this is a primula vialii - and I love how the two colours set each other off! I wouldn't want to wear a dress like this - but the flowers give a real "zing" to the flower bed. small - but bright:)
this is it for now from me - lots to do, places to go:)


Delighted Hands said...

Oh, lovely colors! The geraniums in your banner are pretty, too! I've never seen the peninsula but will look for it here! The spinning is coming along! Of course, this posts winner is your quilt-wow! You did it! Just beautiful!

Andrea D. said...

WOW!!! Die Tischdecke ist der Hammer! :-)
So tolle Farben und super angeordnet. Die verschiedenen Grüntöne machen die Decke erst so richtig lebendig. Es sieht wirklich wie eine wunderschöne Blumenwiese aus. Unbezahlbar! Da wird sich die Beschenkte aber freuen.

Ich hätte die Blumen und Farben wahrscheinlich ganz symmetrisch verteilt und ein total langweiliges Ergebnis gehabt.

Viel Spaß in Deutschland!
LG Andrea

Nina said...

That hexi quilt is absolutely amazing. It's an heirloom that I hope everyone appreciates. Make sure you put a label on the back, with your name and date, so that you efforts are recognized for generations to come. It's absolutely gorgeous.

I love the garden colours too. I love roses, especially pink ones.

KayB said...

Oh wow.... your quilt turned out beautiful!!! But what a work!
I've got tons of roses this spring, because I've just started a new garden.... not a 'New Dawn' yet, but was contemplating it....and btw, your header picture with the geranium and lobelia window box is the spitting image of my one! ;-)

Elke Schwarzer said...

Hallo Bettina,
ich muss deinen Quilt auch bewundern, so schön!
Ich habe dir Samen vom Wald-Ziest gesammelt. Sag mir, wo ich sie hinschicken kann, dann kommen sie zu dir.

Leigh said...

What an accomplishment that quilt is. I really like the idea of knotting the "flowers" instead of quilting. Very nice contrast to the softer yarn and garden colors.